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A document containing appropriate and important facts about a person who is applying for a job is a
a) Letter of application.
b) Resume.
c) Reference.
d) Cover letter.

If you don’t understand a question an interviewer asks:
a) Pretend you did not hear it.
b) Ask him or her to clarify it.
c) Give details that show you think clearly.
d) Explain why you would be right for the company.

A resume should always include an individual’s:
a) Current address.
b) Grades earned in high school.
c) Reasons for leaving last job.
d) Height, weight, and physical conditions.

Which is a good question to ask a potential employer during a job interview?
a) Are there opportunities for advancement?
b) What services/products does the company offer?
c) How soon will I get a raise?
d) What is the company’s reputation?

The purpose of a resume is to:
a) Tell the employer about your likes/dislikes.
b) Demonstrate your writing ability.
c) Document attendance at prior jobs.
d) Showcase your knowledge and skills.

Advancement up a career ladder mainly requires:
a) Buying presents for the boss.
b) Additional education or training.
c) Being very sociable at work.
d) Knowing all the answers.

To find the most satisfying career, a person should:
a) Wait for a good job to come along.
b) Expect to choose his/her parent’s career.
c) Research career and educational information.
d) Keep trying different jobs.

On a resume, words such as achieved, calculated, examined, and generated are examples of:
a) Action words.
b) Buzz words.
c) Energy words.
d) Resume generators.

A letter of application for employment should be sent to:
a) The person who has the authority to hire you.
b) The president of the company.
c) A friend who works for the company.
d) The company’s general office.

Which response indicates that the job applicant being interviewed possesses technology, resource, and information skills?
a) I manage databases of patient contact information.
b) I answer the telephone and direct calls.
c) I operate the industrial concrete mixer.
d) I e-mail friends daily.

The main sections of a cover letter/letter of application are:
a) Address, introduction, mid-section, and summary.
b) Salutation, introduction, body, and conclusion.
c) Job title, pay requirements, signature, and references.
d) Introduction, conclusion, signature, and contact information.

Which question should a candidate expect to be asked during a job interview?
a) Are you married?
b) What is your ethnic origin?
c) What are your skills and abilities?
d) How old are you?

The type of resume that works best for a person with continuous work experience is a/an:
a) Skills resume.
b) Strength resume.
c) Chronological resume.
d) Electronic resume.

A resume aids the job-seeking process in that it:
a) Takes the place of an interview
b) Organizes experiences and skills.
c) Shows the employer specific attitudes.
d) Alerts the employer to one’s family background.

The purpose of a cover letter/letter of application is to:
a) Introduce oneself to a potential employer.
b) Highlight information on the job application.
c) Highlight awards and honors.
d) Introduce references.

Which should NOT be included in the conclusion of the cover letter/letter of application?
a) Request for an interview.
b) Contact information and times.
c) Salutation to a specific person or title.
d) Statement of appreciation for the employer’s time and consideration.

Which is an effective method to market oneself on the job?
a) Take on other’s responsibilities
b) Accept criticism sometimes
c) Display a negative attitude
d) Demonstrate professionalism

When asked about qualifications during a job interview, a person being interviewed should:
a) Not respond.
b) Talk about skills he/she would like to gain.
c) Describe qualifications briefly.
d) Ask how much the job pays.

The main reason for a cover letter is to:
a) Get a good salary.
b) Give the employer the applicants work history.
c) Make the employer want to read the applicant's resume.
d) Give the employer three references.

What is the public government employment agency in North Carolina?
a) Department of Social Services
b) Division of Employment Security
c) Personnel Office
d) Unemployment Office

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