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The winner of the Democratic primary in New York was
a) Sanders
b) Trump
c) Clinton
d) Timmy

Utah declared pornography a(n)
a) crime against gender orientation
b) health hazard
c) impossibility on Shaun the Sheep
d) crime that can result in the death penalty

Three people in Flint, Michigan will have charges filed against them concerning
a) child pornography
b) murder
c) misleading The Flock into danger
d) water contamination

A Texas school board fired a(n)
a) security guard
b) teacher for abuse
c) principal for fraud
d) Alien because it was so narrow sighted (one-eye)

This gaming device will no longer be made or sold
a) Playstation
b) Sheep Shearing
c) Xbox 360 game console
d) Nintendo

Johnny Depp and his wife (Amber Heard) made the news with their dogs because of very strict rules concerning pet travel in
a) Australia
b) Italy
c) Cuba
d) Mossy Bottom Farm

Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize
a) transgender use of bathrooms
b) the death penalty
c) ignoring The Farmer
d) marijuana (medical)

The winner of the Republican primary in New York was
a) Clinton
b) Cruz
c) Trump
d) Pidsley

Ted Cruz won the primary on April 16 in
a) New York
b) Wisconsin
c) Wyoming
d) Shirley the Sheep

This athletic event was won by people from Ethiopia on April 18
a) World Cup in Soccer
b) Boston Marathon
c) Stanley Cup
d) Sheep Shearing

A move to redesign money has found a new person to be put on the
a) $1 bill
b) $5 bill
c) $20 bill
d) $100 bill

President Obama visited
a) Afghanistan
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Shaun the Sheep
d) Cuba

A bus bombing in Jerusalem showed the continued tension between Palestinians and
a) Arabs
b) The Ducks
c) Israelis
d) Al Qaeda

Over 500 refugees died when
a) they were attacked by ISIS
b) their boat sank
c) Shaun the Sheep said he knew a shortcut
d) no country would allow them entry

A mass murderer in Norway won a human rights abuse case about his
a) food
b) possible torture
c) lack of access to Shaun the Sheep
d) solitary confinement

This important international figure is celebrating their 90th birthday
a) Pope Francis
b) President Putin
c) Queen Elizabeth II
d) Mower Mouth

Part of Brazil's government has voted to
a) cancel the Olympics
b) impeach their President
c) leave the OAS (Organization of America States)
d) make Bitzer their mascot

The suicide bombing and attack in Kabul left 28 dead and over 300 wounded was thought to be the work of
b) The Naughty Pigs
c) Al Qaeda
d) the Taliban

This incident killed over 200 in Ecuador
a) an earthquake
b) a suicide bombing at a graduation
c) a flood
d) sheep shearing

This important international leader visited refugees on April 16
a) President Obama
b) President Putin
c) Pope Francis
d) Shaun the Sheep

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