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a) confounds
b) pluck
c) shaft
d) waste

engaging in druken revel
a) downy
b) lighted
c) carousing
d) hark

a) awake
b) hark
c) active
d) grooms

hot drinks, containing milk and liquor
a) prate
b) cleave
c) appalls
d) possets

fluffy, soft
a) hence
b) dowry
c) downy
d) warrant

treats illness with physic
a) telepathy
b) physics
c) sciene
d) medicine

made foul, defiled
a) filed
b) murderers
c) doubtful
d) rancors

can be attacked violently
a) jocund
b) note
c) extend
d) assailable

happy, at peace
a) extend
b) jocund
c) content
d) toil

sorrow; grief
a) cauldron
b) abjure
c) dollar
d) dolor

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