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remorseful; full of regret
a) compunctious
b) sovereign
c) ambition
d) meek

bitter liquid secreted by the liver and associated with choler or anger
a) vaulting
b) shoal
c) gall
d) infamy

a) enterprise
b) keen
c) pall
d) beguile

a) discharge
b) dispatch
c) spur
d) durst

a) adhere
b) sovereign
c) couriers
d) royal

a particular goal or aim; something that a person hopes to do or achieve
a) ornament
b) encourage
c) ambition
d) spur

gentle; kind
a) meek
b) keen
c) trammel
d) adage

a place where a sea, river, or other body of water is shallow
a) well
b) coal
c) shoal
d) esteem'st

horses' especially high-spirted ones
a) gaurd
b) captain
c) traveler
d) couriers

to encourage someone to do or achieve something
a) ambition
b) spur
c) keen
d) shoal

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