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What is the difference between a low frequency and a high frequency wave?
a) speed
b) amplitude
c) wavelength
d) volume

Which of the following best explains why a fresh banana appears yellow?
a) the banana reflects the yellow wavelength and absorbs all the other colors
b) the banana absorbs the yellow wavelength and reflects all the other colors
c) the banana emits yellow light and our eyes absorb all other color wavelengths
d) the banana emits all colors and our eyes absorb the yellow wavelength

Which electromagnetic wave has the lowest frequency but the largest wavelengths?
a) radio waves
b) microwaves
c) visible light
d) gamma rays

How does a prism reveal all the colors that make up white light?
a) the prism refracts different wavelengths of light
b) the prism acts as a lens to reflect white light
c) the prism adds colors to white light as it transmits through
d) the prism absorbs colors of white light as it passes through

Which of the following explains why we can see and feel energy from the Sun?
a) electromagnetic waves can travel through empty space
b) electromagnetic waves vibrate through a medium
c) electromagnetic waves transfer matter
d) electromagnetic waves cannot travel through solids

Which of the following best explains an echo?
a) Sound waves are refracted off objects
b) sound waves are transmitted through objects
c) sound waves are absorbed by objects
d) sound waves are reflected off objects

Which of the following electromagnetic waves is best for wireless technology and communication?
a) Gamma waves because it has high energy and shorter wavelengths
b) Radio waves because it has a lower energy and longer wavelengths
c) Visible light because it is visible to the human eye
d) X-rays because they have a high energy and a high frequency

If a car is traveling forward with a force of 100N and the force of friction is acting in the opposite direction at 20N. What is the net force acting on the car and the direction?
a) 80 Newtons forward
b) 120 Newtons forward
c) 100 Newtons backwards
d) 20 Newtons backwards

What would happen to the orbit of the Earth if the gravitational force from the Sun suddenly stopped?
a) The Earth would continue to orbit the sun in an elliptical path due to the force of gravity
b) The Earth would continue to move in a straight line due to it's inertia
c) The Earth would be pulled into the Sun due to the force of gravity
d) The size of Earth would become smaller due to inertia

If a car travels 100 meters in 5 seconds, what is the average speed of the car?
a) 100 meters/second
b) 20 meters/second
c) 50 meters/second
d) 500 meters/second

What happens to the length of day in the north when the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun during the summer?
a) the length of day decreases
b) the length of day increases
c) the length of day remains the same
d) the rays from the Sun hit the northern hemisphere more indirectly

Which celestial object has the greatest gravitational pull ?
a) mercury because it is closest to the Sun
b) The sun because it has the greatest mass
c) Earth because it is the most dense terrestrial planet
d) Jupiter because it is the largest planet

Which of the following best explains why the Earth has seasons?
a) The Earth revolves around the Sun on a tilted axis changing the angle of the Sun's rays and daylight hours.
b) The Earth revolves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit and is sometimes closer and father from the Sun
c) The Earth's climate is always changing and is not predictable each year.
d) The Earth orbits the Sun on a tilted axis that causes one hemisphere to be closer to the Sun in summer.

Which unit of measurement would scientists use to measure distant stars?
a) kilometers
b) light years
c) miles
d) meters

Which of the following is accurate about Earths revolution and rotation?
a) Earth completes one revolution and one rotation every day
b) Earth completes one revolution in a year and one rotation in a day
c) Earth completes one revolution and rotation in a month
d) Earth completes one revolution in a year and one rotation in a month

How are the 3 main types of rock in the rock cycle classified?
a) according to their physical properties
b) according to where they are located
c) according to how they are formed
d) according to their relative age

Which of the following correctly orders organisms over geologic time according to the fossil record?
a) bacteria, marine life, reptiles, mammals
b) mammals, reptiles marine life, bacteria
c) bacteria, reptiles, mammals, marine life
d) marine life, bacteria, reptiles mammals

Which of the following is correct about units of geologic time?
a) many eras are in a epoch
b) several eras are in a period
c) many periods are in a epoch
d) several epochs are in a period

What is the function of a convex lens?
a) to filter and transmit light
b) to separate white light
c) to refract light and magnify objects
d) to reflect light so objects will be more visible

Which of the following will most likely fossilize?
a) Bones and teeth
b) Skin and muscle tissue
c) Internal organs
d) An entire organisms buried slowly

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