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Phill has an electric circuit made of a battery, a light bulb, a switch, and wires connecting each part. When Phill opens the switch, there is a gap in the circuit. What happens when the switch is open?
a) Electricity flows slowly.
b) Electricity flows nowhere.
c) Electricity flows into the air.
d) Electricity flows too quickly.

Two towns have about the same latitude and elevation. One town is on the coast and the other is far inland. How would the summer weather of the inland town most likely be different from the weather in the coastal town?
a) lower temperatures and experience less rainfall
b) higher temperatures and experience less rainfall
c) lower temperatures and experience more rainfall
d) higher temperatures and experience more rainfall

Students made a model to show one way that snow is part of the water cycle. They made a model of land by placing soil in a sloping tray. Then placed snow at the top of the tray. They kept the snow at 25 ÂșC and observed. Which likely was observed?
a) how snow changes to solid ice
b) how snow causes the soil to freeze
c) how snow melts and becomes runoff
d) how snow evaporates when it warms

Gianna is testing common household objects. She is sorting them into good conductors of electricity and good insulators. Which object would be the best conductor of electricity?
a) foam cup
b) metal knife
c) wooden toy
d) plastic comb

Every day, water flows from a number of rivers into the Atlantic Ocean. Even though this occurs daily, it does not cause the amount of water in the Atlantic Ocean to increase over time. Which statement best explains why?
a) Ocean water is stored in the ice caps.
b) Ocean water also evaporates each day.
c) Ocean water is destroyed and lost daily.
d) Ocean water is removed by precipitation.

There are swamps in the Everglades of Florida. In Arizona, there are deserts. These two environments can have high temperatures in the summer. How would the weather in a swamp in the Everglades most likely differ from the weather in an Arizona desert
a) The swamp would have higher humidity.
b) The swamp would have hotter winds.
c) The swamp would have more snowfall.
d) The swamp would have less precipitation.

In a science experiment, Kiele added 1 tbsp of sugar to a flask filled with water. Which could Kiele do to speed up the dissolving process?
a) Add more sugar to the flask.
b) Place the flask in an ice bath.
c) Shake the flask back and forth.
d) Remove some water from the flask.

Valerie is studying the appliances in her home. All of the appliances convert electrical energy into other forms of energy. Which of the following would be an appliance that transforms electrical energy into energy of motion?
a) a blender
b) a toaster
c) an iron
d) an electric keyboard

The wall next to the window in Jordan's room is made of brick. Jordan touches the wall and the window to compare their textures. What would Jordan most likely observe?
a) The brick and the glass are both rough.
b) The brick and the glass are both smooth.
c) The brick is rough, while the glass is smooth.
d) The brick is smooth, while the glass is rough.

Sebastian lives in Tampa, Florida. He put the a barometer and a thermometer instrument just outside his house. He recorded the air temperature and air pressure every hour on the first day of winter. Which of the following describes what he recorded?
a) how much rain fell on the first day of winter
b) the weather conditions in Florida during winter
c) the type of winds Florida has on the first day of winter
d) the weather conditions at his house on the first day of winter

A lake contains many different types of fish. The activities of people on and around the lake change the environment in the lake. This causes some types of fish to become more common while others become less common. Which types of fish would become m
a) types that can move to other areas
b) types that had lived there the longest
c) types that can adapt to the changes
d) types that are harmed by the changes

Melissa has a mixture of sand and gravel. She places the mixture in a container and shakes the container. Which property best explains why the sand and gravel separated into two groups?
a) color
b) shape
c) weight
d) particle size

Cayla has a standard golf ball and a lightweight golf ball. Each golf ball is struck with the same amount of force. Which statement is most likely true?
a) The lightest ball would travel the farthest.
b) The heaviest ball would travel the farthest.
c) Both balls would travel the same distance.
d) Both balls would travel to the same height.

The weather service issued a warning for people to be ready to evacuate if needed due to an approaching hurricane. What characteristic of a hurricane makes it most important for Marc's family to be ready to evacuate with little notice?
a) how large it is
b) where it is located
c) how fast it is moving
d) the exact path it will take

Jasmine is studying birds. She studied the beaks of the birds and predicted that the bird with the shorter, curved beak would eat mainly seeds. Which of the following is the best way to test her prediction?
a) Measure the exact size of both beaks.
b) Plan an experiment to test if all birds eat seeds.
c) Observe the birds in the wild to see what they eat.
d) Ask other students if they agree with her prediction.

A sailing boat moves because the wind pushes against the sails. The faster the wind speed, the more force is applied to the sails. Which wind speed would cause a sailboat to move fastest?
a) 8 km/hr
b) 16 km/hr
c) 24 km/hr
d) 32 km/hr

John completes an experiment testing the speed of 4 toy cars of different masses. After studying his data, he thinks that the result for one of the cars is unusual. He decides to check his results for reliabilty. What would be best for him to do?
a) Ignore the incorrect data and use his results.
b) Repeat the experiment using different toy cars.
c) Repeat the experiment using the same conditions.
d) Start a different experiment testing the same thing.

Red foxes are a type of fox that live in warm climates. Which feature of a red fox makes it suited to warm temperatures?
a) thin fur
b) red color
c) busy tail
d) sharp teeth

Catherine rolled her pencil to the edge of her desk. The pencil rolled off her desk and fell onto the floor. Which force caused the pencil to fall downward?
a) electricity
b) gravity
c) magnetism
d) push

Mandy combs her hair with a plastic comb. This causes the comb to become negatively charged. Which of the following would all be attracted to the comb?
a) a positively charged object and an uncharged object
b) a negatively charged object and an uncharged object
c) a positively charged object and a negatively charged object
d) a negatively charged object, a positively charged object, and an uncharged object

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