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forces on charged particles create both a(n) _________________ field and a(n) ______________ field.
a) electric
b) magnetic
c) energy
d) both a and b

If electromagnetic waves carry radiant energy, the amount of energy is determined by ________________ of the wave.
a) infrared waves
b) pitch
c) frequency
d) all of the above

Electromagnetic waves travel at a ______________ speed.
a) specific speed or (constant velocity)
b) different speeds or (constant velocity)
c) only low and high speeds or (constant velocity)
d) medium speeds or (constant velocity)

As the frequency of each wave increases, the wavelength _____________.
a) both increases and decreases
b) stays the same
c) decreases
d) increases

________________________ carry the least amount of energy.
a) Radio waves
b) Microwaves
c) Gamma rays
d) Infrared waves

__________________ cause electrons to vibrate off antennas.
a) Infrared waves
b) Gamma rays
c) Radio waves
d) Microwaves

used to transmit phone calls and heat food
a) infrared waves
b) microwaves
c) carrier waves
d) radio waves

Snakes can see _________________________.
a) microwaves
b) gamma rays
c) radio waves
d) infrared waves

transport heat energy, i.e., burning fire
a) visible light
b) ultraviolet radiation
c) infrared waves
d) microwaves

can see these waves naturally
a) gamma rays
b) visible light
c) ultraviolet radiation
d) infrared waves

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