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When did the plague hit Europe?
a) Early 1300s
b) Mid 1300s
c) Late 1300s
d) Late 1200s

What was NOT an effect of the Plague?
a) Food supply decrease and people starved
b) New building projects
c) Businesses went bankrupt
d) Trade declines

How many people died from the plague?
a) 1,000,000
b) 2/3 Europe
c) 25-33% population in Europe
d) Too many to count

What did caravans from China NOT bring?
a) Bronze
b) Iron
c) Lacquer - wood finish
d) Silver

What did caravans from China NOT bring?
a) Gold
b) Silk
c) Furs
d) Jade

What did caravans to China NOT carry?
a) Silk
b) Gold
c) Ivory
d) Precious Stones

What did NOT happen during the crusades
a) Christian knights and others fought to win back Palestine from Muslims
b) They established crusader states along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea
c) Included eight military expeditions
d) Visitors had permanent and long lasting effect on the rule of the region

What is an epidemic?
a) A disease that spreads slowly
b) A disease that spreads quickly
c) A code of behavior for knights
d) a religious image

When did the crusades begin?
a) 1215
b) 1200
c) 1095
d) 1005

What was the Silk Road?
a) A dangerous road in Europe
b) Many trade routes throughout Europe
c) One route connecting Europe and India
d) Different routes connecting Europe to the Far East

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