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Which pair of kingdoms are the least related?
a) Protista and Fungi
b) Archaebacteria and Animalia
c) Plantae and Animalia
d) Fungus and Plantae

Circle which one is the scientific name for the African Lion correctly written?
a) Panthera Leo
b) panthera leo
c) Panthera leo
d) Joseph Lee

The scientific name for the White Oak tree is Quercus alba, and for the Cork Oak tree, Quercus suber. What do you think Quercus (Greek language) means/translates in English?
a) Tree
b) Oak
c) White
d) Cork

What are the four kingdoms that belong to the Domain: Eukarya?
a) Archaebacteria, Fungi, Plants, Animals
b) Archaebacteria, Eubacteria , Plants, Animals
c) Eubacteria, Fungi, Plants, Animals
d) Protists, Fungi, Plants, Animals

What are the two major contributions of C. Linnaeus to taxonomy?
a) Modern system of classifying and scientifically naming organisms.
b) Modern system of classifying and scientifically studying fungi.
c) Modern system of classifying and scientifically studying light.
d) Modern system of classifying and scientifically studying physics.

Who is the inventor of the modern classification system?
a) James Watson
b) Charles Darwin
c) Robert Hooke
d) Carl Linnaeus

What is taxonomy?
a) the scientific study of how living organisms are classified and named.
b) the name of Aristotle’s classification system
c) the process used by geologists to classify rocks
d) the process of observing an organism’s behavior

Why do scientists organize living organisms into groups?
a) so they can find them in the wild more easily
b) so that the organisms are easier to study
c) so they can make sense of the variety of rocks on Earth
d) so products from living things can be easily found in groceries

Which domain(s) include(s) only prokaryotes?
a) Eubacteria and Archaea
b) Eubacteria only
c) Archaea only
d) Eukarya only

Which classification groups (taxa) include only unicellular organisms?
a) fungi
b) bacteria
c) animals
d) protists

Which group of organisms includes only multicellular heterotrophs (consumers)?
a) plants
b) animals
c) bacteria
d) protists

The more classification levels that two organisms share,…_________________.
a) the closer together on Earth they live.
b) the easier it is to tell them apart.
c) the more characteristics they have in common.
d) the more distantly related they are.

An organism’s scientific name consists of what?
a) Its’ class name and its family name.
b) Its’ kingdom name and its phylum name.
c) Its’ genus name and its species name.
d) Its’ phylum name and its species name.

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