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In a chemical equation, what is found on the right side?
a) products
b) reactants
c) conservations
d) yields

What is found on the left side of a chemical equation?
a) reactants
b) products
c) yields
d) conservation

What does the arrow on a chemical equation represent?
a) yields
b) produces
c) creates
d) all are correct

Balancing an equation is important because of this law:
a) law of conservation of mass
b) law of conservation of energy
c) law of conservation of atoms
d) law of conservation of product

Which of the following equations are balanced?
a) Cu + O2 --> CuO
b) 2Cu + O2 --> 3CuO
c) Cu + O2 --> 2CuO
d) 2Cu + O2 --> 2CuO

Identify the reaction: A + B --> AB
a) synthesis
b) decomposition
c) single replacement
d) double replacement

Identify the reaction: AB --> A + B
a) decomposition
b) synthesis
c) single replacement
d) double replacement

Identify the reaction: A + BC --> B + AC
a) single replacement
b) double replacement
c) synthesis
d) decomposition

Identify the reaction: AB + CD --> AD + CB
a) double replacement
b) single replacement
c) synthesis
d) decomposition

Which of the following is a statement of the law of conservation of mass?
a) mass is created but not destroyed
b) mass is destroyed but not created
c) mass is neither created nor destroyed
d) mass is both created and destroyed, depending on the chemical reaction

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