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If two poisonous elements are combined chemically, which of the following will be true of the resulting compound?
a) the compound will be more poisonous than the original elements
b) the compound will be as poisonous as the original elements
c) the compound may or may not be poisonous
d) the compound will not be poisonous

Concentration is
a) a measure of electrons
b) a measure of the amount of solute dissolved in a solvent (ex: amount of sugar in sweet Tea)
c) a measure of elements in a compound
d) none of the above

In solutions, the solute is the substance that is dissolved and the _____________ is the substance in which the solute is dissolved.
a) Solution
b) metal
c) elements
d) solvent

A ________________ is a mixture that appears to be a single substance.
a) Compound
b) Solution
c) Element
d) Non-metal

A _______________ is a combination of two or more substances that are not chemically combined.
a) element
b) compound
c) mixture
d) metalloid

Which of the following is a compound?
a) Na
b) CO
c) Li
d) K

The elements in a compound
a) join in a specific ratio according to their masses
b) combine by reacting with one another
c) can be seperated by chemical changes
d) all of the above

Which of the following is a compound?
a) Salt
b) Salt water
c) Lemonade
d) Steel

Which of the following is an element?
a) Na
b) CO
c) NaCl
d) KCl

Which of the following elements makes up the largest percentage of the Earth's atmophere? (~78 %)
a) Oxygen
b) Nitrogen
c) Silicon
d) Hydrogen

Which of the following elements makes up the majority of the Earth's Crust?
a) Oxygen
b) Nitrogen
c) Silicon
d) Hydrogen

A metalloid
a) may conduct electric current
b) is made of atoms
c) is also a semiconductor
d) all of the above

Two different atoms are chemically combined to form a new substance. What kind of substance formed?
a) a compound
b) an element
c) a mixture
d) a solute

Which of the following is the symbol for Potassium?
a) Po
b) K
c) P
d) Pt

What group of elements on the periodic table are unreactive?
a) Alkali Metals (group 1)
b) Alkaline Earth metals (group 2)
c) Halogens (group 17)
d) Noble Gases (group 18)

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