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The manager of IT asks you to explain to her what command issued the following results: The command typed was ?
a) Ping –n 10
b) Ping –t 10
c) Ping –r 10
d) Ping –s 10

You can't finish troubleshooting a computer before the end of the day. Results took over three minutes to acquire and he asks you not to delete them from his screen: The command that was typed to produce these results is
a) Pathping
b) netstat
c) Nbtstat -RR
d) Ping –l 1500

You need to add the IP address to the network adapter via the command line. It also needs to have a gateway address of The command you should type is
a) Netsh interface ip add address name=”Local Area Connection”
b) netstat
c) ftp
d) Nslookup

You are troubleshooting a computer that is making strange connections to the Internet on its own. The __________ command will show you the network sessions to various computers on the Internet.
a) netstat
b) ftp
c) Pathping
d) Ping –n 10

Your boss wants you to download some manuals from an FTP site. He wants you to do so via the command line. The ____ command will allow you goal.
a) ftp
b) netstat
c) Ping –n 10
d) DNS

A co-worker has determined the IP address of a domain name as shown in the following results: Your co-worker typed the ____ command to acquire these results.
a) Nslookup
b) netstat
c) ipconfig /registerdns
d) flushdns

You are troubleshooting a server and decide to refresh the NetBIOS names. You type a command that yields the following results: You typed the _______ command.
a) Nbtstat -RR
b) Nslookup
c) netstat
d) Pathping

You are simulating network traffic to a remote host. Examine the following The exact command that was issued was The results of a TCP/IP command:
a) Ping –l 1500
b) Ping –t 1500
c) Ping –r 1500
d) Ping –n 1500

You are told by your boss to empty the DNS cache of a computer and reconnect to the nearest DNS server. You need to type the
a) Ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns commands.
b) Nbtstat -RR /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns commands.
c) Nslookup
d) netstat

You are told to determine the MAC address of a Windows computer. Which command should you use to find this information?
a) ipconfig
b) ipconfig /all
c) ipconfig /release
d) ipconfig /flushdns

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