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a) domain local group
b) l,.lk
c) .kl/klh/
d) lk.kl

a) gsrhrstghg
b) gnxdf
c) ndjhtrg
d) distribution group

Active Directory uses multimaster replication, which means that there is no master _______ _______.
a) trees
b) permission
c) balloon
d) domain controller

Because there are certain functions that can only be handled by one domain controller at a time, Active Directory uses _____________.
a) TFDO rights
b) group
c) FSMO roles
d) apple bottom trees

_____________________ services automatically assign IP addresses and related parameters (including subnet mask and default gateway and length of the lease) so that a host can immediately communicate on an IP network when it start
a) ,kjb,g
c) ,kjbg,.
d) ,kjg,

Every computer has to have a unique ____ ____.
a) computer account
b) group type
c) certification ready
d) You can not wear a helmet, allowing heat to escape from your head.

Active Directory is considered a _________.
a) Domain controller
b) Directory service
c) Computer account
d) group

What are Windows' default groups called?
a) domain users
b) built-in group
c) group policy
d) distributive group

What is closely tied with DNS?
a) group policy
b) Active Directory
c) hosts file

What system translates host or domain names to IP addresses?
a) domain controller
b) built-in group
c) DNS
d) local domain group

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