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To which of the following can a group policy not be directly applied?
a) Group
b) Site
c) Domain
d) Domain

What can be used to specify how many times a user can enter a login with an incorrect password before the account is disabled?
a) User profile
b) Group policy
c) Software policy
d) User account collection

Which group scope can contain global groups from multiple domains?
a) Emulation
b) Domain local
c) Global
d) Universal

Which group scope is meant to be used to assign permissions to a local resource?
a) Distribution group
b) Domain local
c) Global
d) Captured

What holds replica information of every object in a tree and forest?
a) Infrastructure Master
b) Schema Master
c) Global Catalog
d) PDC Emulator

_______ is a legacy naming system used to translate Computer Names/NetBIOS names to IP addresses.
a) AD
c) DNS

What is the master time server?
a) Schema Master
b) Domain Naming Master
c) PDC Emulator
d) RID Master

What is the resource record that translates from hostname to IP address in DNS?
a) PTR
b) H
c) IP
d) A

The primary naming service used in Windows is ____________.
a) AD
c) DNS

What authorizes a user to perform certain actions on a computer?
a) Permission
b) UNC
c) Right
d) Task

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