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Electromagnetic waves are made up of two force fields:
a) electric and magnetic
b) magnetic and heat
c) kinetic and radiant
d) kinetic and electric

The energy carried by an electromagnetic wave is called ____________ energy.
a) kinetic
b) electric
c) radiant
d) thermal

Radiant energy ______________ as the frequency of an electromagnetic wave increases.
a) decreases and increases
b) increases
c) decreases
d) stays the same

The Global Positioning System is used to locate objects __ __________.
a) on other universes
b) under water
c) in space
d) on Earth

A wave transfers ________________ from one place to another.
a) gamma rays
b) force
c) energy
d) particle

________________ are produced by changes in the nucleus of atoms.
a) energy
b) force
c) particle
d) gamma rays

An electromagnetic wave is produced by a charged ______________ moving up and down.
a) energy
b) force
c) particle
d) gamma rays

The two parts that make up an electromagnetic wave are magnetic and electric ________________ fields.
a) particle
b) force
c) energy
d) gamma rays

______________________ have the lowest wave classification.
a) gamma rays
b) infrared waves
c) microwaves
d) radio waves

energy carried by electromagnetic waves
a) thermal
b) kinetic
c) radiant
d) solar

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