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Which cellular process takes place in the ribosomes that are bound to the endoplasmic reticulum?
a) The breakdown of waste material
b) The conversion of radiant energy to glucose
c) The synthesis of new proteins
d) The replication of nucleic acids

Which of the following statements regarding the nitrogen cycle is correct?
a) Nitrogen is never a component of organic molecules.
b) Decomposers provide protein to the atmosphere.
c) Ammonia and carbohydrates are formed from nitrogen during lightning storms.
d) Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil convert atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form for other organisms.

When there is a lower concentration of water outside of a plant cell rather than inside a plant cell, what will happen?
a) the cells of the plant will lose water and wilt
b) the cells of the plant will gain water and become rigid
c) the plant will grow toward the sun
d) the plant will increase its rate of photosynthesis

Which group of organelles is directly responsible for the production of new molecules within a cell?
a) Ribosomes, the endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi apparatuses
b) Golgi apparatuses, lysosomes, and the plasma membrane
c) The endoplasmic reticulum, plastids, and vacuoles
d) The nucleolus, vacuoles, and ribosomes

A biological supply company is advertising the synthesis of a new compound. Scientists note that when the compound is added to a particular chemical reaction, the reaction rate increases dramatically. The compound is likely a--
a) Nucleic Acid
b) Protein
c) Lipids
d) Carbohydrates

Enzyme function is often compared to a lock and key. The model helps explain the importance of which property of an enzyme?
a) the specificity of the enzyme
b) the size of the enzyme
c) the speed at which an enzyme catalyzes reactions
d) the uses of enzymes outside or organisms

As ecosystems move through the stages of succession, the populations of organisms in them change. Which of the following describes the stage of succession likely to have the most species diversity?
a) A newly formed volcanic island
b) An agricultural field that has not been plowed for one year
c) A temperate forest that has never been cleared by logging
d) A field that is regularly mowed

A student sets up a compost bin outdoors. Inside the bin bacteria convert the student’s vegetable and paper scraps into rich fertilizer. Which of the following best describes the role that these bacteria play in natural habitats?
a) The bacteria help balance the numbers of producers and consumers.
b) The bacteria help keep nutrients cycling through the ecosystem.
c) The bacteria turn solar energy into sugars.
d) bacteria has been making people sick.

15. Which event will have the biggest impact on the stability of the pond community?
a) A storm that damages the trees surrounding the pond.
b) The hatching of a clutch of frog eggs in the pond.
c) A severe drought that reduces the pond’s water supply by one half.
d) The water is cold.

Which two body systems would help a rabbit outrun a pursuing coyote?
a) The skeletal system releases additional calcium, and the circulatory system retains more sodium in the blood to provide mu
b) The digestive system increases the rate of digestion, and the excretory system ceases to provide tissues with more nutrien
c) The respiratory system increases the breathing rate, and the circulatory system increases blood pressure to provide tissue
d) Digestive system helps the rabbit outrun the coyote.

What are the two different types of cells?
a) (related to single-celled organisms with no clear nuclei) and (related to organisms with cells that have nuclei within membra
b) (related to single-celled organisms with no clear nuclei)and Bacteria
c) (related to organisms with cells that have nuclei within membranes) and Center (of a cell or atom)
d) The golgi body and Mitochondria

Which cellular edge/border is a lipid bi-layer?
a) Cell Wall
b) Cell Membrane
c) Mitochondria
d) Chloroplast

What two parts make up the lipid bi-layer of the cell membrane?
a) Water-loving head and protein
b) Protein channels and cytoplasm
c) Water-loving head and Hydrophobic tail
d) Candy and Gummy bears

What is the function of the vacuole in a cell?
a) To transport proteins
b) Support and Protection
c) To break down sugar into ATP
d) Stores food, water, minerals, and waste materials

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