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What is the kickoff point for the Great Depression?
a) Stock Market Crash
b) Dust Bowl
c) New Deal
d) First 100 days

What closed for four days during FDR's presidency?
a) farms
b) banks
c) hotels
d) town halls

Shantytowns built by the homeless were called?
a) Franklinvilles
b) Salvation Towns
c) Good Will Housing
d) Hoovervilles

Relief, Recovery, and _______________.
a) refuge
b) reform
c) rescue
d) rampage

New Deal programs were meant to:
a) promise to get the country out of the depression with new policies meant to help American people
b) Create deals with big business to help cut costs
c) Help the American people by having them sign a contract that they will not buy stocks unless they have established credit
d) Create new jobs for women

All of the following led to the stock market crash, except:
a) Buying stocks with loans
b) Using leverage to buy stocks
c) Overspending
d) Underspending

Why was President Hoover criticized most by American people?
a) He did not believe in social welfare programs. He thought government should be less involved.
b) He spent too much money helping those in need.
c) He built the Hoover Dam
d) He believed in social welfare programs and that the government needed to be involved

All of the following helped due to the New Deal except:
a) Reformed banks
b) Improved the environment
c) Created Jobs
d) Banned women from working

Which North Carolina industry was affected MOST?
a) textiles
b) furniture
c) tobacco
d) banks

How will American COMPLETELY recover from The Great Depression?
a) Jobs created because of World War II war production
b) New Deal programs
c) Lifting the prohibition ammendment
d) Hoovervilles were torn down

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