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Why is one variable tested at a time during scientific investigation?
a) to get reliable and accurate results
b) to make it easier to graph the results
c) to reduce the time it takes to do the experiment
d) to make it easier to repeat the experiment

Scientists at a research center are studying plants that have a natural resistance to insects. Which of these is a logical justification for continuing this research?
a) Insect-resistant plants grow faster than plants that are not insect resistant, making larger producing crops.
b) Studying the genes of insect-resistant plants could help in the development of crops resistant to insects.
c) Finding these genes could help lead to finding the genes that allow a plant to survive with little water.
d) There search could lead to development of new kinds of food crops with different nutrients.

Why are multiple trials conducted during an experiment?
a) To reduce the effects of any inaccurate results
b) To make it easier to graph the results
c) To make sure directions are followed
d) To reduce the equipment needed

Astronomers often try to find the hottest stars in our galaxy. Which wavelength of radiation do astronomers use to detect these hottest stars?
a) Infrared
b) Ultraviolet
c) Visible
d) X-ray

Which of these describes a divergent boundary?
a) Two continental plates moving away from each other, forming a rift valley
b) Two oceanic plates rubbing against each other, forming a midocean ridge
c) Two continental plates colliding, forming a mountain range
d) Two oceanic plates colliding, forming a volcanic arc

Which of these is a renewable energy resource that does not produce carbon dioxide?
a) coal
b) wind
c) biomass
d) fossil fuel

Scientists are studying the use of vegetable oil as an automotive fuel. Which of these is a logical justification for continuing this research?
a) The research may also help scientists develop new vegetables for use as food.
b) Vegetable oil can be purchased at grocery stores, so there would be less need for fueling stations.
c) Using vegetable oil will increase the number of cars that can be used by increasing the available fuel for cars.
d) The fossil fuel used to make gasoline is becoming a limited resource, while vegetable oil is made of plants crops renewable

Which of these describes the lithosphere and the asthenosphere?
a) The lithosphere is rigid and immovable, and the asthenosphere is hot and flowing.
b) The asthenosphere is rigid and immovable,and the lithosphere is hot and flowing.
c) Both are hot inner layers of earth capable of bending and moving.
d) Both are hard and rigid layers of earth close to the surface.

Which of these is one of Newton’s laws of motion?
a) An object’s momentum is the product of its mass and velocity.
b) A moving object will continue moving until a force acts upon it.
c) The force of gravity is proportional to the inverse square of the distance.
d) The rate at which an object falls depends on the height from which it is dropped.

Which motion causes night and day on Earth?
a) the Sun’s motion around its axis
b) Earth’s motion around its axis
c) Earth’s motion around the Sun
d) the Moon’s motion around Earth

Astronomers often try to find the hottest stars in our galaxy. Which wavelength of radiation do astronomers use to detect these hottest stars?
a) Infrared
b) Ultraviolet
c) Visible
d) X-ray

Which of these describes the lithosphere?
a) Topmost solid part of Earth in which crust is located
b) Middle liquid, flowing layer of Earth on which crust floats
c) Middle plastic, flowing layer of Earth on which the asthenosphere floats
d) Topmost semisolid part of Earth in which magma chambers for volcanoes form

Some scientists are working on ways to save energy and reduce the price of energy in the future. Which of the following research efforts will help meet this goal?
a) Become more dependent on fossil fuels
b) Become less dependent on solar energy
c) Make better use of renewable resources
d) Use more of the nonrenewable resources

Schistosomiasis is a disease that occurs when eggs of small flatworms hatch inside the body. The worms can grow in many different tissues. How could schistosomiasis in the intestines interfere with normal body functions?
a) By causing painful rashes and swelling on the skin
b) By increasing the rate of cell metabolism in the body
c) By reducing the oxygen movement to cells in the body
d) By keeping the body from absorbing nutrients from food

Which of these is an example of selective breeding?
a) Cutting a stem from a plant so that a new plant grows from the stem
b) Taking a skin cell from a sheep and making an exact clone of the sheep
c) Replacing DNA of a plant with DNA that allows the plant to grow in little water
d) Selecting two horses and having them mate in order to produce stronger offspring

Scientists found an organism that can live without water for long periods of time. The scientists made copies of its DNA,then injected this new DNA into corn. Which of these describes the process the scientists used?
a) Cloning
b) Selective breeding
c) Genetic engineering
d) Asexual reproduction

Scientists in Mississippi have discovered that coyotes, bobcats, and raccoons hunt wild turkeys. Which of the following explains the relationship between these animals?
a) The turkey is the producer for the three types of predators.
b) The three predators help keep the turkey population controlled.
c) The turkey population will not survive with three species hunting it.
d) There are three producers in the food web, and the turkey is a consumer.

Which of these describes how the absence of mitochondria would affect a cell?
a) Heat would build up and cause the cell to become dehydrated because mitochondria release energy.
b) Toxins would collect and slow the production of ATP because mitochondria remove waste from cells.
c) Cells would be unable to undergo cellular respiration because mitochondria convert glucose into energy.
d) Cells would be unable to undergo fermentation because mitochondria convert carbohydrates into sugars.

Food is digested and then delivered to body cells. Which of these describes how the cells respond?
a) The cells absorb the energy in food through photosynthesis.
b) The cells convert the food into nutrients through fermentation.
c) The cells use the food and oxygen to make energy and release heat.
d) The cells use the food to make heat energy through anaerobic respiration.

Jorge is studying the digestive system. He found research indicating that more bacteria live in the large intestine than there are cells in the human body. Based upon this research, can Jorge logically conclude?
a) Bacteria are necessary for digestion to occur.
b) Bacteria are produced by the human body.
c) The large intestine is made of bacteria.
d) The large intestine is diseased.

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