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What was the most unfortunate part of the the Continental Drift Theory?
a) Scientist laughed at him.
b) Wegener was mostly correct!
c) Wegener died in Antarctica.
d) He could not explain why the continents moved.

What does the term Pangaea mean?
a) all lands
b) all oceans
c) parts of land
d) pars of oceans

Which was actual evidence for the Continental Drift Theory?
a) the glacier deposits lined up
b) the coal fields did not line up
c) North America and Europe fit together like a puzzle.
d) Lystosaurus was large enough to walk along the ocean floor.

How would continental drift affect a continents climate?
a) As a continent moves toward the poles, its climate gets warmer.
b) As a continent moves between the equator and the poles, its climate stays the same.
c) As a continent moves toward the equator, its climate becomes drier.
d) As a continent moves toward the equator, its climate becomes warmer.

A trace or remain of an ancient organism that is preserved in rock is called a(n)
a) rock
b) geode
c) fossil
d) mineral

Which piece of evidence does NOT support the Continental Drift Theory?
a) human remains
b) fossil
c) climate
d) rock

Which was the reason that the Continental Drift Theory was rejected by scientists?
a) The continents do not actually line up.
b) He could not explain how the continents moved.
c) Mesosaurus could swim across the ocean.
d) The Glossopteris fossil was found on every continent.

Which scientist is known for creating the Continental Drift Theory?
a) Isaac Newton
b) Robert Hooke
c) Albert Einstein
d) Alfred Wegener

What was the name of the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago?
a) Earth
b) Pangaea
c) North America
d) Panada

The theory that all continents were once joined together and have since drifted apart is called the
a) Continental Drift Theory
b) Floating Continents Theory.
c) Constant Drift Theory
d) Relative Age Theory

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