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Which is the best prediction of what might happen if the organism at the center of a food web completely disappeared and the animals that depended on it were not able to find an alternative food source?
a) The animals would die out.
b) The animals would learn to make their own food.
c) The animals would become producers.
d) The animals would become decomposers.

Why can a prairie support more organisms than a desert?
a) A prairie has more producers so it can support more herbivores, which support more carnivores.
b) A prairie ecosystem varies in temperature, which means it can support more populations.
c) A praire ecosystem has fewer producers, which means it can support more carnivores.
d) A prairie ecosystem has more organisms that are struggling to get their share of resources.

What is not an example of a decomposer?
a) bacteria
b) a squirrel
c) a mushroom
d) a worm

What is a biotic factor in the forest?
a) rock
b) mushroom
c) dirt
d) sun

What is an abiotic factor in the forest?
a) stream
b) deer
c) tree
d) grass

The vacuole of a cell
a) stores excess food and water.
b) is the brain of the cell.
c) creates the food.
d) allows things in and out of the cell.

What animal might compete for the same food as a snake in the desert?
a) cactus
b) cayote
c) rabbit
d) mouse

Which of the following best describes the organisms within an ecosystem that belong to the same species?
a) a community
b) a population
c) consumers
d) food web

Which ecosystem contains sparse vegetation and mostly sand and rocks?
a) tundra
b) desert
c) grassland
d) forest

If there is a deer population living in the woods and there is a diseases that kills many of the deer, what will happen?
a) The plant population will decrease and the wolf population will increase.
b) The plant population will increase and the wolf population will increase.
c) The plant population will decrease and the wolf population will decrease.
d) The plant population will increase and the wolf population will decrease.

Which of the following does a plant cell have that an animal cell does not?
a) cell membrane
b) vacule
c) cell wall
d) nucleus

Which is a complete food chain?
a) Sun- plant- rabbit- wolf
b) Plant- rabbit- wolf
c) Wolf- plant- rabbit
d) Rabbit- plant- fox- sun

What is an organism that lives in or on another organism and benefits while the organism other organism is hurt?
a) mutualism
b) symbiosis
c) parasite
d) competition

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