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Marla went outside to her backyard on a warm May day. She removed the pool cover. The top of the water was covered with a green algae. She wrapped a towel around her new bathing suit and went inside. You can conclude that -
a) Marla did not go swimming that day.
b) Marla went swimming despite the algae.
c) Marla hated swimming and didn't want to do it in the first place.
d) Marla liked green algae.

Desert animals have made adaptation to their special environment. Animals like the kangaroo rat and fennec fox extract water from seeds and roots. They are nocturnal animals, coming out at night when it is cooler. The word extract means-
a) draw out
b) draw in
c) tuck away
d) pour

Mrs. Jones took her daughter to the orthodontist, who checked her braces. Orthodontist is a specialist of what part of the body?
a) throat
b) eyes
c) bones
d) teeth

Barney loves animals. He has 3 cats, 2 dogs, a hamster, and a goldfish. Every summer he enjoys visiting his grandma's ranch. Barney is a vegetarian. Barney's future may involve -
a) becoming a hunter
b) becoming a vegetarian
c) becoming a veterinarian
d) becoming a spokesman for a chain of hamburger restaurants

The seat belt had a malfunction. It would not release whenever the brakes were applied. Malfunction means-
a) buckle
b) function
c) function badly
d) function well

Boxing is a dangerous sport. Numerous head and torso injuries result from the series of punches thrown in each match. The wearing of headgear and gloves does not adequately protect the participants. This sport has no apparent value.
a) Boxing should be banned is the author's point of view.
b) All students should be taught how to box is the author's point of view.
c) There is not enough boxing on TV is the author's point of view.
d) Boxing is safe if headgear and gloves are used.

Martin talked on the phone for an hour instead of watching the cookies in the oven. They were scorched beyond recognition. What is the effect?
a) Martin had a huge phone bill.
b) Martin watched the cookies in the oven.
c) The cookies burned.
d) The cookies turned out perfectly.

The culprit confessed to stealing the automobiles. Culprit means -
a) guilty person
b) innocent person
c) car dealer
d) victim

Harold looked down at his village. At this altitude, the air was thinner than he had expected. Harold searched for his parka. Another hour of climbing and he would encounter snow. The setting of the story is -
a) a village
b) an ocean
c) the base of a mountain
d) somewhere on a mountain

Jerry and his date moved to the front of the ticket line. He had waited a month to see this movie. When Jerry reached for his wallet, he felt a large hole in his jacket. Jerry felt -
a) excited about finally seeing the movie
b) happy that he and his date were at the front of the line
c) happy that he discovered a hole in his jacket pocket
d) alarmed that he lost his wallet

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