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It was only a few seconds between the time that the young mother was holding her child's hand and the time that the sudden rush of the crowd had broken her grip with the child. At the moment her child was swept away, the mother felt -
a) relieved
b) guilty
c) alarmed
d) happy

Juanita, Susie, and Mia are unloading suitcases from the back of the airport van. Susie collects their tickets and goes to the check-in counter. Tomorrow the three girls will be basking in the sunshine of Hawaii. A conclusion you can make
a) The girls are taking a trip to New Orleans.
b) Susie's dad is an airline pilot and is taking them for a ride.
c) The three girls are going on a vacation to Hawaii.
d) The girls are taking their friends to the airport.

Jane had four dollars. She spent one at the card shop. Later in the day Mary asked her if she wanted to go to the movies. Jane asked how much does the ticket cost? Mary said five dollars. You can conclude that -
a) Jane didn't get to go to the movies.
b) The lady at the ticket window said that she didn't have to pay.
c) Jane went to the movies because she had enough money.
d) Jane hated movies and didn't want to go in the first place.

The small, country bungalow was quiet and peaceful even when all the windows and doors were open. Bungalow means -
a) a shallow cave
b) a small cottage or cabin
c) a small boat
d) an apartment building

Sean's intense fear of snakes drove him to reject the senior high biology trip to the Davis Mountains. Sean didn't go on the trip because -
a) He hates biology.
b) He's afraid of driving in the mountains.
c) He's afraid of snakes.
d) His biology teacher made him mad.

Mary was sweet, but she was intentionally quiet. Her coy smile was supposed to let you know that she didn't like to be the center of attention. Coy means -
a) wide
b) toothy
c) purposefully shy
d) confident

Sports can be an important part of students' lives. In today's world, it is necessary that young people have the opportunity to be a member of an organization that teaches responsibility and self-discipline. The author's point of view is that-
a) All students should play sports.
b) Young people should have responsibilities.
c) Participation in sports encourages responsibility and self-discipline.
d) Students need to be self-disciplined before they play sports.

The toy had a defect that kept it from working properly. Defect means -
a) box
b) seal
c) lack of something necessary
d) lack of something unnecessary

The letter was accidentally burned in the fireplace, and the key to the mystery was lost forever. The effect stated in this sentence is -
a) The letter was lost.
b) The answer to the mystery was lost.
c) The letter was burned.
d) The key was lost.

The snow made the road impassable, so we had to turn around and go back home. Impassable means -
a) slippery
b) impossible to get through
c) smooth
d) paved

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