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The young camper heard the laughter coming from the campfire. He knew that everyone was having a great time. Supper was always served during this time, but he was too homesick to eat. Later that night he awoke and was feeling -
a) terrified that the noises were gone
b) happy that his cabin was full of campers
c) hungry for food
d) anxious for the next day's activities

Carol ran as quickly as she could from PE to her science class. She was the first to volunteer at the beginning of class to have her pulse taken. When her pulse reading was taken, it was
a) slower that at the end of the class after sitting for 40 minutes
b) much faster than normal
c) stopped because she had passed out from running so fast
d) the same as it will be at the end of class after sitting still for 40 minutes

Grandpa had promised his grandson that he would visit soon. He always brought the little boy a special surprise. When Grandpa arrived with a package in his hand, the boy felt -
a) alarmed that it might not have his name on it
b) excited about seeing his grandpa
c) gloomy that Grandpa was coming to visit
d) afraid of this tall dark man

Boxes were stacked high on the shelves. Clerks were preparing for the busiest shopping day of the year. New displays were placed along the aisles so that kids could see the latest games. The setting of the story is -
a) a grocery store
b) a clothing store
c) a toy store
d) a mall

The walls of the steep cliffs seem to disappear as the sun begins to fade from the sky. Walking along the river bank is getting more difficult. Soon the air will be chilly. The setting of the story is -
a) the lake
b) the ocean shore
c) a canyon
d) a mountain stream

Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
a) Trey. I need you to close the classroom door.
b) Trey, I need you to close the classroom door.
c) Trey! I need you to close the classroom door?
d) Trey I need you to close the classroom door!

A semicolon should be added to the following sentence. After which word does the semicolon need to be added? Take time to rest and think for a few minutes every day you'll be amazed at how much better you will feel.
a) day
b) minutes
c) think
d) better

All the _____ squawked and cackled as we poured food for them.
a) chickens
b) chickens's
c) chickens'
d) chicken's

Before school on Monday, I must complete every one of _____ forms for enrollment.
a) those
b) that
c) this
d) them

John contributes five percent of his income to charity. Contributes means -
a) makes
b) gives
c) charges
d) cashes

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