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Which of the following is the correct way to close a letter?
a) sincerely yours,
b) Respectfully
c) Thank you,
d) Sincerely

Larry and I asked for the key, but Mr. Leonard wouldn't give it to ______.
a) them
b) we
c) me
d) us

Which sentence is a fragment?
a) Before they left the park, Maria and her little sister flew their kites.
b) Soon the kite caught a gust of wind, and it went soaring high above the treetops.
c) Maria's kite, a golden beauty with a long tail of blue rags.
d) Side by side, their kites looked like two colorful birds sailing high among the clouds.

Jack wants to write his report on the history of computers in chronological order. Which transition words should he use?
a) before, then, next, finally
b) like, unlike, similarly, in contrast
c) because, as a result, due to
d) and, but, although, still

Which of the following sentences is incorrect?
a) Their coach asked us if anything was lost.
b) Whose wallet was left on the bench by my locker?
c) Mine own wallet is in my pocket.
d) At first I thought the wallet was yours.

April has _______ a report on Dr. Martin Luther King for her history class.
a) write
b) writed
c) writes
d) written

What change should be made to the following sentence? On Friday night, the fans at the football game rose to they're feet and cheered.
a) change Friday to friday
b) change football to foot-ball
c) change rose to rised
d) change they're to their

Mae left her red marker at home, _____ I let her borrow mine.
a) but
b) so
c) and
d) while

Which sentence is a run-on sentence?
a) If an interesting speaker is available, Miss Lord invites that person to our class.
b) A firefighter visited our class yesterday he spoke on fire safety.
c) Last month a veterinarian spoke about choosing and caring for pets.
d) Miss Lord asked an astronaut to visit, and she will be here next month.

Where should the comma be placed in the following sentence? Either we must save money or we must give up the idea of taking a summer vacation.
a) after taking
b) after idea
c) after or
d) after money

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