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The similarities between the embyonic structures of different species can be used as evidence through
a) the fossil record
b) molecular sequencing
c) comparative morphology
d) natural selection

Different birds have feet that are adapted for different uses. Which bird foot most likely belongs to a bird that uses its feet to capture rodents and other animals as prey?
a) Feet and claws that look like a chicken's
b) feet and claws that look like an eagle's
c) webbed feet like a duck
d) narrow feet with narrow toes like a robin's

How have scientists used biogeography to prove that Earth's continents were once a single land mass?
a) They have found different fossils on all of the continents.
b) They have matched the DNA from a species on one continent to a species on a different continent.
c) They have found organisms that share a common ancestor on the same continent.
d) They have found fossils of organisms that share a common ancestor on different continents.

What is one way to know that speciation has occurred?
a) There is an increase in genetic mutations.
b) There is a decrease in allele frequency.
c) The two populations cannot reproduce.
d) The two populations have experienced genetic drift.

Scientists believe that humans evolved from early ancestors that were similar to apes. This idea is categorized as
a) microevolution
b) macroevolution
c) change in allele frequency
d) Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

What is macroevolution?
a) major evolutionary transitions from one type of organism to another occurring at or above the species level
b) changes in population genetics in which intermediate forms of a trait are favored
c) changes in gene frequency within populations or species
d) speciation that occurs when populations become isolated due to geographical changes

Bird beaks show a variety of characteristics based on the bird’s specific niche. Which beak most likely belongs to a bird that strains its food from mud and water?
a) long, narrow, pointy beak like a egret or blue heron
b) hooked beak like a hawk
c) short, pointed beak like a cardinal
d) rounded bill like a duck

Which of the following mechanisms drives microevolution?
a) mutations
b) natural selection
c) both A and B
d) neither A or B

In order for natural selection to occur, what condition must be met?
a) homologous structures among all the individuals in a population
b) natural event, such as a fire or flood, causes a change to the environment
c) equal distribution of alleles that contribute to the best opportunity for mating
d) genetic variation causing a differential in survival and reproduction rates

Through natural selection, many plants have evolved adaptationsWhat is the likely outcome of these adaptations?
a) Increased rates of photosynthesis
b) Protection from predators
c) Decreased survival
d) Reduced reproduction

A rancher wants to investigate the use of artificial selection in his cattle herd. Which of these options is an example of artificial selection?
a) Breed a cow that produces large quantities of milk with a bull that comes from a line of cattle with long lifespans.
b) Choose one individual in a population of sheep to favor with food and shelter and see if it mates more.
c) Trace the family tree of a chicken that lays many eggs back through several generations.
d) Separate a population of rabbits and monitor any trait changes over the next few generations.

How long was Charles Darwin on the journey in which he established his ideas about natural selection?
a) two weeks
b) a few months
c) five years
d) nearly 20 years

Charles Darwin's idea of common ancestry means that
a) all organisms are related through their DNA
b) all organisms descended from a common ancient species
c) certain species from the past were more common
d) it is more common to find fossils that are related to each other

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