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Whcih set of words are all mammals
a) bear, lion, tiger, fox
b) bear, lion, ladybug, snake, giraffe
c) trout, lion, dog, cat
d) mouse, turtle, skunk, owl

Which set of words are all toys?
a) kite, baseball, doll, marbles
b) kite, basketball, quarter, crayons
c) crayons, book, doughnut, pizza
d) desk, brownie, ice cream, skateboard

Which words are all months of the year?
a) January, February, March, April
b) Sunday, February, August, July
c) Easter, September, April, May
d) Virginia, Sunday, December, Christmas

Which words are all color words?
a) red, green, blue, orange
b) purple, pizza, orange, violet
c) purple, pink, brown, book
d) orange, yellow, black, pencil

Which words are all ways to travel?
a) airplane, kayak, car, rocket
b) dinghy, spaceship, skateboard, candle
c) box, wagon, bus, ring
d) slipper, mouse, van, boat

Which words are all things you can write with?
a) pencil, pen, marker, crayon
b) pencil, tablet, book, gun
c) gum, pencil, pen, marker
d) crayon, pencil, eraser, pen

Which words are all three syllable words?
a) kangaroo, elephant, December, Saturday
b) elephant, chipmunk, dinosaur, television
c) doughnut, hopscotch, basketball, Halloween
d) vanilla, hamburger, pizza, America

Which of these words are all states in the United States?
a) Georgia, Montana, Missouri, Florida
b) Alaska, Colorado, Dallas, New York
c) Bunker, Missouri, Salem, Louisiana
d) Denver, Vermont, Rolla, Tennesee

Which of these words are all kinds of trees?
a) elm, oak, maple, fir
b) orange, apple, peach, crayon
c) cedar, maple, oak, strawberry
d) pine, mulberry, banana, potato

Which of these words are all shapes?
a) triangle, circle, square, rectangle
b) triangle, doughnut, pencil, oval
c) diamond, dentist, square, heart
d) square, oval, circle, mouse

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