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_________________________ were also placed in internment camps.
a) German Americans
b) Italian Americans
c) Italian and German Americans
d) African-Americans

In 1988, Congress Approved Compensation of losses in the amount of $20,000 for ___________________________.
a) for Holocaust survivors
b) all African-Americans who had served in WWII
c) all Japanese-Americans who had served in WWII
d) for survivors of the internment camps

What pulled the U. S. out of the Great Depression?
b) Roosevelt's New Deal Program
c) the end of WWI
d) the end of WWII

Executive Order 9066 ___________________________________.
a) relocated African-Americans to help them find jobs and homes
b) helped Japanese-Americans find homes after the end of WWII
c) helped Japanese-Americans start businesses
d) relocated Japanese-Americans to camps closest to the west coast

Germany defeated _________________.
a) France
b) Britain
c) Soviet Union
d) Japan

Japan first seized parts of ______________________.
a) France
b) Britain
c) China
d) Italy

The Atlantic Charter established goals for the postwar world and was signed by __________________________.
a) Roosevelt and Hitler
b) Roosevelt and Churchill
c) Roosevelt and Stalin
d) Roosevelt, Stalin, and Mussolini

What was considered major genocide?
a) Nagaskai
b) Holocaust
c) Pearl Harbor
d) Hiroshima

Who led the United States through the war?
a) Lyndon Johnson
b) Herbert Hoover
c) Harry Truman
d) Franklin Delanor Roosevelt

What began WWII?
a) the Blitzkrieg on Yugoslovia Decemeber 3, 1939
b) the Blitzkrieg on Japan Decemeber 3, 1939
c) the Blitzkrieg on Poland Decemeber 3, 1939
d) the Blitzkrieg on Slovakia Decemeber 3, 1939

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