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A probe that requires a broad response to a topic and cannot be answered with yes or no is known as which type of question?
a) Closed-ended
b) Confirming
c) Open-ended
d) Information-gathering

The salesperson should pause before answering a customer's objections in order to perform which activity?
a) To delay dealing with the objection
b) To show empathy for the customer
c) To get the full attention of the customer
d) To let the customer see that he or she is upset

A salesperson has explained the features and benefits of a product that appeared to be of interest to a customer. What should the salesperson do if the customer reacts negatively?
a) Hand the customer promotional materials and walk away
b) Accept the fact that the sale has been lost
c) Ask additional questions and explain other features and benefits
d) Proceed with the sales presentation

A salesperson can try to identify a personality type by performing which activity?
a) Giving efficient service
b) Observing their actions
c) Serving them quickly
d) Asking personal questions

What is a benefit for salesperson to use probing in a sales presentation?
a) The customer feels important.
b) Less time is needed to make a sale.
c) The customer feels reassured.
d) Product returns are increased.

What do salespeople need to determine in order to qualify leads?
a) Future plans
b) Name of contact
c) Ability to pay
d) Buying pattern

Why do companies provide sales standards to their salespeople?
a) To ensure that salespeople adhere to the policies
b) To identify the sales quotas that salespeople are required to meet
c) To designate the sales territories in which the salespeople are permitted to sell
d) To provide structure for salespeople to follow without stifling their personalities

What is often an effective technique for a salesperson to use when selling goods and services to groups?
a) Encourage interaction
b) Question each participant
c) Avoid summarizing
d) Discuss many topics

What aspect of their delivery should salespeople try to identify and correct before giving a sales presentation?
a) Comfortable volume
b) Distracting mannerisms
c) Attentive posture
d) Immaculate grooming habits

Which is motivation for a customer's buying behavior that is based on loyalty?
a) Recognition
b) Security
c) Patronage
d) Utility

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