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Who said, A date which will live in infamy, ?
a) Herbert Hoover
b) Winston Churchill
c) Franklin Delanor Roosevelt
d) Harry S. Truman

A date which will live in infamy, referred to the bombing of _____________________.
a) Nagasaki
b) Hiroshima
c) Germany
d) Pearl Harbor

How did the war end with Japan?
a) dropping of bomb on Italy and three days later Germany
b) dropping of bomb on Germany and three days later Italy
c) dropping of bomb on Hiroshima and three days later Nagasaki
d) dropping of bomb on Pearl Harbor and three days later Hawaii

Who was the second prime minister for Britain?
a) Truman
b) Trudeau
c) Chamberlain
d) Churchill

After WWII, countries are divided into what two types?
a) communist and democratic
b) non-communist and democratic
c) communist and socialist
d) communist and fascist

Who were the Warsaw Pact nations?
a) U.S. and non-Communist nations
b) U.S. and non-Nato nations
c) communist and non-Nato nations
d) communist and Nato nations

Who were the Nato-nations?
a) communist and Nato nations
b) U.S. and non-Nato nations
c) communist and non-Nato nations
d) U.S. and non-communist nations

What was Chamberlain's policy toward Germany?
a) appeasement
b) opposition
c) ignoring
d) negotiation

Who was the prime minister at beginning of war leading Britain?
a) Chamberlain
b) Churchill
c) Trudeau
d) Truman

Which event leads us to shift from isolationism?
a) the bombing of Pearl Harbor
b) the bombing of Hiroshima
c) the bombing of Germany
d) the bombing of France

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