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What is another name for sensory division?
a) Efferent
b) Afferent
c) Motor
d) Receptor

Which of the following nervous systems occupy the dorsal cavity and is responsible for intergration?
a) Pheripheral Nervous System
b) Somatic Nervous System
c) Central Nervous System
d) Autonomic Nervous System

What best describes Cell body?
a) Metobolic Center of the nueron
b) Specialized suporting cells
c) Small collections of cell bodies
d) Also call nueron

Cells become _______ to sodium ions and _________ to poassium ions during the repolarization phase.
a) Permeable; impermeable
b) Impermeable ; close
c) Permeable; open
d) Impermeable; Permeable

Which of the following is part of the neuron cells that transmits messages
a) Cell bodies
b) Nuerons
c) Axons
d) Nerves

What are the electrical messages in the nervous system called?
a) Action Potential
b) Resting Potential
c) Depolarization
d) Repolarization

What protein is responsible for restoring the original concentrations in resting potiential?
a) Sodium
b) Potassium
c) Sodium- Potassium
d) Calcium

( RestING Potienal) How much of an animals energy is used to power this pump
a) 1/2
b) 1/3
c) 1/4
d) All of it's energy

All of these are types of sensory receptors except?
a) Pain and Temp
b) Touch
c) Pressure
d) Emotion

In resting potienal where is the pump found?
a) Satellite Cells
b) Somatic Cells
c) Autonomic Cells
d) Schwann Cells

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