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Which of the following is earned income?
a) interest earnings
b) dividends
c) commissions
d) lottery winnings

You purchased $96 in gasoline which was 32 gallons at $3.00 per gallon. The $3.00 rate includes $0.479 in excise taxes. Next week, the price per gallon dropped to $2.00 per gallon so the 32 gallons only cost $64. What effect did the price drop have
a) The amount of excise taxes remained the same.
b) The amount of excise taxes increased.
c) The amount of excise taxes decreased.
d) The amount of excise taxes remained the same but the sales taxes decreased.

The government agency responsible for collecting federal taxes is the:
a) United States Congress
b) Social Security Office
c) Internal Revenue Service
d) The Justice System

A property tax is based on the property’s
a) assessed value
b) original cost
c) market value
d) re-sale value

Michael is buying a computer that normally sells for $800. The store is having a 20% sales and the sales tax in his state is 6%. What will be the total cost of the computer?
a) $678.40
b) $640.82
c) $870.00
d) $943.40

You live in a home with a market value of $160,000 and an assessed value of $140,000 and the property tax rate is 1.75% annually. What did you pay in property taxes for the year?
a) $245
b) $280
c) $2,450
d) $2,800

Joe wants to buy a skateboard but he doesn't know if he has enough money. The price of the skateboard is $85 and the sales tax is 7%. What will be the total cost of the skateboard?
a) $5.95
b) $59.50
c) $90.95
d) $110.50

A salesperson receives a base salary of $14,400 per year plus commissions of 5 percent on each sale. Total sales for the month were $10,000. How much is the salesperson gross pay for the month?
a) $14,400
b) $1,200
c) $1.700
d) $11,200

Mike earns $39,000 per year. He is paid every 2 weeks (pay period). What is his gross pay for the pay period?
a) $1,500
b) $1,625
c) $3,250
d) $750

Francesca earns $39,000 per year. She is paid twice a month (pay period). What is his gross pay for the pay period?
a) $1,625
b) $1,500
c) $3,250
d) $750

Corey earns $12 per hour at his job. He is paid every week (pay period). Last week he worked 56 hours. What is his gross pay for the pay period?
a) $768
b) $672
c) $736
d) $720

Kat bought new shoes for $55.00, jeans for $29.99, and a new blouse for $27.79. Sales tax in New Jersey is 7 percent. What was the total charge for her purchases?
a) $112.78
b) $120.67
c) $116.63
d) $118.58

Ben worked 42 hours last week. His pay rate is $10.00 per hour. What was his gross income for the week?
a) $430
b) $420
c) $410
d) $440

Jenna wants to buy a $250 phone accessory that is on sale for 20% off. The accessory is subject to 6% sales tax. What will the total cost of the item be?
a) $212.00
b) $250.00
c) $265.00
d) $185.50

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