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Each year, more than ____________ people seek treatment for addiction to marijuana.
a) 320,000
b) 500,000
c) 120,000
d) 200,000

Cocaine effects the user ______________, and can lead to violent and unpredictable behavior.
a) overnight
b) for days at a time
c) almost immediately
d) within 5 minutes

Which of the following is not one of they symptoms of drug abuse?
a) Detoxification
b) Tolerance
c) Craving
d) Loss of control

________________ is used to control severe pain in patients with cancer, back pain, or arthritis.
a) LSD
b) Testosterone
c) OxyContin
d) Heroin

___________ is a drug made from lysergic acid, and is one of the strongest and most widely abused hallucinogens.
a) PCP
b) Opium
c) LSD
d) OxyContin

Which of the following is not a way that drug abuse can affect your health triangle?
a) Heart failure
b) Arthritis
c) Lost interest in activities
d) Depression

All of the following are major side effects of anabolic steroid use except:
a) Severe acne
b) Cancer
c) Angry/violent behavior
d) Euphoria

Long-term marijuana abuse is associated with _________________.
a) Depression
b) Anxiety
c) Personality disturbances
d) All of the above

Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in which of the following?
a) Coffee
b) Soft drinks
c) Chocolate
d) All of the above

_____________ is not one of the harmful effects of club drugs.
a) Amnesia
b) Hallucinations
c) Paranoia
d) Euphoria

_____________ are drugs that speed up activity in the human brain and spinal cord.
a) Narcotics
b) Hallucinogens
c) Stimulants
d) Inhalants

Even a person experimenting with inhalants for the first time can die from any of the following except:
a) Vomiting
b) Suffocation
c) Heart Attack
d) Choking

Sniffing inhalants _______________.
a) has few if any long-term effects on brain cells
b) is extremely dangerous because it can kill the user instantly
c) is not really drug abuse
d) is not dangerous because many inhalants are common household products

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