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Which formula represents a single atom?
a) C
b) CO2
c) O2
d) H2O

You can determine that the car is in motion by comparing it to the mailbox. What are you using the mailbox as in the example?
a) Motion
b) Acceleration
c) Momentum
d) Reference Point

Adam started riding his bike to a friend's house at a velocity of 4 m/s W. As he neared the house, his velocity was 6 m/s W. Adam's trip showed
a) negative acceleration
b) positive acceleration
c) zero acceleration
d) constant speed

An arrangement of pulleys is called
a) block and tackle
b) lever
c) wheel and axles
d) wedge

An example of velocity is
a) 3 m/s north
b) 3 m/s
c) 3 m north
d) 3

What must happen to an object in order to accelerate it?
a) A net force must be applied to it
b) It must contain momentum
c) Its frictional coefficient must be reduced
d) some weight must be removed

In a vacuum, or open space, heat transfer occurs by...
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) thermal energy

Each time another bulb is added to a series, the other bulbs in the circuit
a) get brighter
b) stay the same
c) release more heat
d) get dimmer

What is inertia?
a) a change in an objects motion
b) the tendency of an object to resist change in motion
c) acceleration caused by a net force
d) the speed and direction of an object in motion

A wave has a high frequency. What can be inferred about its wavelength?
a) Nothing can be inferred about its wavelength.
b) Its wavelength will be the resting point.
c) Its wavelength will be long.
d) Its wavelength will be short.

What is a mechanical wave?
a) A wave produced by a machine.
b) A wave that transfers matter instead of energy.
c) A wave that requires a medium.
d) An electromagnetic wave.

Most of the elements in the periodic table are
a) liquids
b) metals
c) metalloids
d) gases

What kind of energy is stored in a compressed spring?
a) Radiant energy
b) mechanical energy
c) Kinetic Energy
d) Sound energy

If you are pushing a buggy, the force is
a) balanced
b) acceleration
c) unbalanced
d) velocity

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