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Which of the following reactions occurs when a dipeptide is formed from amino acids?
a) hydrolysis
b) oxidation
c) condensation
d) denturation

What is the function of helicase?
a) It forms bonds between DNA nucleotides.
b) It separates DNA strands.
c) It forms the DNA helix.
d) It adds new nucleotides to the DNA helix.

What are the two parts to photosynthesis?
a) light dependent reaction and light independent reaction
b) splitting of water and making O2
c) condensation and hydrolysis reaction
d) reflection and absorption reaction

What is the composition of the backbone of DNA?
a) Alternating sugar and phosphate molecules
b) A polysaccharide
c) Alternating sugar and base molecules
d) Complementary base pairs

A certain gene codes for a polypeptide that is 120 amino acids long. Approximately how many nucleotides long is the mRNA that codes for this polypeptide likely to be?
a) 30
b) 480
c) 360
d) 40

What enzyme adds DNA nucleotides during replication?
a) RNA primase
b) Helicase
c) DNA polymerase
d) DNA ligase

Which substance is a base that is found in DNA?
a) adenosine
b) cytokinin
c) guanine
d) uracil

Which two colors of light does chlorophyll absorb MOST?
a) red and yellow
b) red and blue
c) red and green
d) green and blue

Which of the following are connected by a hydrogen bond?
a) two strands of DNA
b) Two amino acid molecules of a dipeptide
c) Two glucose molecules in a disaccharide
d) The hydrogen and oxygen atoms of a water molecule

Where does transcription take place?
a) in nucleus
b) in nuclear membrane
c) in cytoplasm
d) in ribosomes

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