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What best explains how an Ameoba moves?
a) Extending its cytoplasm
b) Tiny hairs
c) Whip-like tail
d) Crawling

Which describes how Volvox differs from most other protists?
a) Volvox have no means of movement
b) Volvox do not live as individual organisms
c) Volvox are the only protists that obtain food through photosynthesis
d) Volvox live on land

Which protist moves using cilia?
a) Euglena
b) Paramecium
c) Ameoba
d) Volvox

Where do protists normally live?
a) The ground
b) Humans
c) Freshwater
d) On unicorns

What is a protist?
a) The opposite of an Antist
b) An organelle
c) The powerhouse of a cell
d) A single celled organism

For an organism to be considered animal like, it must be able to:
a) move independently and eat other organisms
b) convert light energy and contain chloroplasts
c) use photosynthesis and make its own food
d) eat other organisms and use photosynthesis

How are euglena and volvox similar?
a) Both have chloroplasts and eyespots
b) Both move using pseudopods
c) Both eat by engulfing other organisms
d) Both are animal like

Which protist moves by using 2 flagella, lives in a colony, and can make its own food through photosynthesis?
a) amoeba
b) euglena
c) paramecium
d) volvox

Which of the following distinguishes protists from other organisms such as humans or dogs?
a) Protists are multicellular whereas humans and dogs are unicellular
b) protists are unicellular whereas humans and dogs are multicellular
c) protists are made up of many cells whereas humans and dogs are made up of one cel
d) protists cells are eukaryotic whereas human and dog cells are prokaryotic

Which two protists share a feature with plant cells (are plant-like)
a) Euglena and Ameoba
b) Paramecium and Volvox
c) Euglena and Volvox
d) Euglena and Paramecium

Which of the following moves using pseudopodia?
a) paramecium
b) euglena
c) diatoms
d) ameoba

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