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This group created the larges land empire in the history of the world in less than 100 years
a) Romans
b) Greeks
c) Muslims
d) Mongols

When studying history you should
a) base your conclusions on other historians' opinions
b) look at how people view events in present times, not past
c) draw conclusions based on evidence, not modern values
d) use modern ideas to evaluate the historical event

How did the Crusades affect trade?
a) fighting slowed down trade
b) There was no impact
c) Put Europe in contact with Arab Merchants
d) Trade never flourished because crusaders attacked Italy

Which of the following describes the Reformation
a) People began protesting their government to give them more say
b) The Christian Church split into the Catholic Church and Protestant Church
c) it was a time of intellectual learning and many new inventions were made

A lasting impact of the Black Plague was
a) Peasant could demand higher wages
b) ended the Feudal System
c) People moved from villages to cities
d) All of the above

The Justinian Code has been the basis for what in many countries
a) Government organization
b) Legal Systems
c) Religious order
d) Taxes

A direct democracy is a type of government in which citizen elect representatives to vote on decisions for them.
a) True
b) False

The Middle Ages functioned under this political and social system
a) Feudalism
b) Caste System
c) Democracy
d) Socialism

This trade route connected Europe to Asia
a) Appian Way
b) Silk Road
c) Columbian Exchange
d) Tiber River

This leader had a large impact on helping to spread Greek ideas
a) Sophocles
b) Alexander the Great
c) King Phillip
d) Genghis Khan

Which of the following was NOT a contribution of Roman architecture
a) Colosseum
b) Parthenon
c) Roads
d) Aqueducts

Two of hte most important city states in Ancient Greece focused on different things. Choose the most accurate statementt
a) Thermopylae focused on government while Sparta focused on agricluture
b) Athens focused on creating better citizens and Sparta focused on agriculture
c) Mycenaea focused on military and Troy focused on education
d) Athens focused on creating better citizens and Sparta focused on Militart

The Greek Hellenistic Era produced achievements in
a) science and politics
b) art and architecture
c) literature and philosphy
d) all of the above

Roman law has influenced the legal system in other countries
a) True
b) False

Whic of the following is an example of a Primary Source
a) Homer's The Odyssey
b) Social Studies book
c) Wikipedia
d) A model of the Trojan Horse

The Crusades were a series of holy wars launched by
a) European Christian against Jews
b) Byzantine Christians against Jews
c) Westerns European Christians against Muslim Groups
d) Muslim Groups against Western European Christians

The United States' government was influenced by the following
a) Ancient Athens' Representative democracy and Ancient Rome's Democratic Republic
b) Ancient Athens' direct democracy and Ancient Rome's Republic
c) Ancient Athens' monarchy and Ancient Rome's Empire
d) Ancient Athens' oligarchy and Ancient Rome's Republic

Cultural diffusion is defined as
a) The spread of ideas, beliefs, customs, and traits
b) the removal of ideas, beliefs, customs, and traits from other cultures
c) The act of forming a culture
d) none of the above

According to the theory of Mercantilism, colonies should be
a) used as markets and sources of raw materials
b) encouraged to develop their own relgions
c) granted independence
d) none of the above

An example of a secondary source would be
a) a ship's records
b) an explorer's journal
c) a biography on Christopher Columbus
d) an arrowhead found at a dig site

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