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WWII.[print questions]

Identify the Axis Powers.
a) Germany, Britain, and France
b) Italy, China, and Soviet Union
c) Germany, Italy, and Japan
d) United States, Britain, and Italy

Identify the Allied Powers.
a) Germany, Soviet Union, and China
b) Germany, Britain, and Japan
c) Italy, Britain, China, Soviet Union, and United States,
d) Britain, France, China, Soviet Union(switch), and the United States(post Pearl Harbor)

Hitler's invasion of Poland prompted Britain and France to declare war on ____________.___.
a) Germany and Japan
b) Germany
c) Britain and the U.S. to declare war on Germany
d) Britain and the France to declare war on Germany

Who opposed Roosevelt's measures to aid Britain and prepare for war?
a) fascists
b) socilaists
c) isolationists
d) communists

The Lend-Lease Act passed by Congress _____________________________________.
a) allowed sales or loans of war goods to any country whose defense the President deemed vital to the defense of the U.S.
b) extended aid to Soviets
c) airplanes, tanks, guns, and ammunition were sent to Britain
d) all of the above

The Atlantic Charter was signed by _______________________________.
a) Roosevelt and Stalin and established goals for the postwar world
b) Roosevelt and Churchill and established goals for the postwar world
c) Roosevelt and Hitler and established goals for the postwar world
d) Roosevelt, Stalin, and Mussolini and established goals for the postwar world

Japan first seized parts of _______________.
a) China
b) Britain
c) France
d) Italy

Germany defeated ______________.
a) Japan
b) Soviet Union
c) Britain
d) France

The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on ______________________.
a) December 7, 1940
b) December 7, 1941
c) December 9, 1941
d) December 9, 1940

What was Hitler's first piece of land he claimed?
a) Chechoslovakia
b) Luithania
c) Romania
d) Poland

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