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What was the impact of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War II
a) The Japanese declare permanent war against the United States
b) The Japanese refuse to trade with the United States
c) Japan and China became allies against the United States
d) The end of the war and the beginning of an era peace and partnership between the U.S. and Japan

What is significant about the location of the nations that suffered the greatest losses?
a) They are all countries controlled by limited governments.
b) They are all countries controlled by unlimited governments.
c) All of the nations have a history of earthquakes.
d) They were all located along coast lines of countries

The United States invaded this country in 2003 and removed the dictator- Saddam Hussein.
a) Syria
b) Iraq
c) Yemen
d) China

What country in Southwest Asia (the Middle East) is experiencing a bloody civil war?
a) Libya
b) Israel
c) Iraq
d) Syria

From 1975-1979 this extreme communist group committed a genocide against the people of Cambodia.
a) Khmer Rouge
b) Boko Haram
c) al Qaeda

The simliarities between the conflicts in Iraq and Syria is that
a) new democracies have been established
b) both are primary fueled by Christians and Muslims fighting
c) terrorist organizations like ISIS have exploited the lack of control
d) both of them had limited governments and now they have unlimited governments

Why did Chinese rulers create the Great Wall, which stretched across many parts of the country?
a) Because they had no natural borders
b) To keep out invaders
c) They wanted attention from other countries
d) Because they were private

The last two decades has seen explosive growth in factories and automation across Asia. What is this process called?
a) colonialism
b) urbanization
c) industrialism
d) agriculturalism

Which of the follow is an example of cultural diffusion from Asia?
a) Many Asia governments are world leaders
b) Asian foods are very popular around the world
c) Many people immigrate from Asian countries to the United States
d) Many people in the United States visit Asian countries

What impact did the Three Gorges Dam have on the human population of China?
a) To provide hydroelectricity to China’s growing cities and industrialism
b) To provide flood price paddies for farms
c) It was a cheap construction project and was popular among the people in the area.
d) The Dam was going to save many animals in the area.

The majority of people in South Asia work in what part of the economy?
a) industrial
b) agriculture
c) government
d) tourism

What agricultural product/crop is the most important in Southeast Asia?
a) Rice
b) Wheat
c) Corn
d) Cotton

Why is the United States and the Asian region concerned about North Korea?
a) Because they threatened to use chemical weapons against the United States
b) North Korea is ruled by an aggressive communist dictator
c) North Korea has valuable natural resources
d) North Korea is close to having the largest economy in the world

Southwest Asia’s (aka the Middle east- Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc) major resources include
a) oil and natural gas
b) diamonds
c) water
d) agriculture products

Who was Mahatma Gandhi?
a) The first prime minister of Pakistan
b) Led a violent protest against British rule in India
c) A social activist who incited an uprising in India
d) Led a non-violent protest against British rule in India

India mainly uses its land for farming and growing products. India's main land usage is...
a) industrial
b) agricultural
c) fishing
d) service

What is a tsunami?
a) A major holiday that occurs for the New Year
b) A tornado that travels on the ground for more than 200 miles
c) A thunderstorm which last for more than a week and drops more that 25” of rain
d) A series of large waves caused by underwater earthquakes or volcanic eruptions

North Vietnam and South Vietnam were divided between what type of governments?
a) Communism in the north and democracy in the south .
b) Communism in the south and democracy in the north.
c) Democracy in the west and communism in the east.
d) Constitutional monarchy in the north and communism in the south.

Bashar al Assad and his brutal regime are an example of what type of government?
a) Democracy
b) Communist
c) Authoritarian
d) Limited

Students that marched and protested in Tiananmen Square in China were protesting
a) China's pollution problem.
b) lack of trade with Europe and the United States.
c) against the Three GOrges Dam project.
d) China's unlimited government.

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