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When the tide receded, it _________.
a) came on the shore
b) dried up
c) went out to sea
d) overflowed

Obeying traffic signals is imperative because
a) it saves gas
b) it saves time
c) it prevents accidents
d) it helps the environment

Our teacher was optimistic about the test after we had _______.
a) done well on the quiz
b) forgotten to study
c) stayed up late
d) sung loudly

I had a premonition that I was going to _________.
a) brush my teeth
b) make the winning basket
c) eat dinner
d) read a book

Marcie threw her clothes on the floor haphazardly because ___________.
a) she wanted a neat room
b) she needed to wash them
c) they were brand new
d) she was in a big hurry

The driver became disoriented because
a) the road signs were clear
b) he made a wrong turn
c) the directions were accurate
d) the buildings were as he remembered them

The soccer team felt remorse over ___________.
a) buying new uniforms
b) being the champions
c) losing the last game
d) trying their hardest

The flood waters finally _______after a few days of dry weather.
a) imperative
b) disoriented
c) receded
d) premonition

We were ______about winning because our team had many experienced players.
a) haphazardly
b) remorse
c) imperative
d) optimistic

It must be done no matter how difficult it is
a) imperative
b) disoriented
c) premonition
d) receded

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