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At the most basic level, how many factors can a computer analyze to make a decision?
a) Unlimited
b) 8
c) 3
d) 2

CSS that effects an entire page would be applied to which section?
a) nav
b) body
c) paragraph
d) title

Which is correct in describing the three major components of HTML5 for Web design?
a) HTML- structure, CSS-formatting, JavaScript-interaction.
b) HTML-formatting, CSS-interaction, JavaScript-structure.
c) HTML-interaction, CSS-structure, JavaScript-formatting.
d) HTML-structure, CSS-interaction, JavaScript-formatting

Which is correct HTML code for a hyperlink to
a) a href= /a
b) a url=
c) href a=
d) URL a=

HTML5 uses 5 structure tags for layouts, which is not one of them?
a) header
b) aside
c) nav
d) content

There are four main tags required for a basic HTML web page... Which of the following show the correct order for opening and closing those tags?
a) html head title/title /head body/body/html
b) title head /title /head body /html body /body
c) head /html /body body /title html /title html
d) html head title /title /head body /html /body

Which show the correct order of the software development cycle?
a) Design, Test, Code, Identify, Maintain
b) Identify, Design, Code, Test, Maintain
c) Design, Code, Identify, Test, Maintain
d) Test, Maintain, Identify, Design, Code

Which of the following is not a basic building element of coding?
a) Sequence
b) Loop/Iteration
c) Decision/Selection
d) Advanced Math

Which is not true about a good algorithm?
a) it should execute as efficiently as possible
b) Others should be able to understand it and follow it.
c) Algorithms only have two parts: Input and Output
d) Algorithms assume a basic set of primitive operations to be understood.

All data inputted into a computer is converted to _________
a) Binary Code
b) Pascal
c) Cobol

How is data transmission across a network similar to Public transportation?
a) The vehicles are like the messages that travel in the network.
b) Within public transportation, there are rules to control traffic flow.
c) Within a network system protocols regulate when data is transmitted which helps control data flow from source to destination.
d) All of these answers

Which describes a Wide area network?
a) A group of interconnected devices under the same administrative control
b) A network that has no dedicated servers or hierarchy
c) A network that connects LANs in geographical separate locations
d) A network in which clients request information from a server.

Which describes a Local Area Network?
a) A group of interconnected devices in a small geographical area
b) a network of LANS in separate locations
c) A network with no dedicated servers
d) A network which has clients and servers

In networking what is the purpose of a firewall?
a) It keeps key components from overheating
b) It limits access of information in and out of the network
c) It is a map of the physical layout of the network
d) It directs the flow of information to the appropriate IP address

What is the problem with free music sites?
a) Downloaded music could contain viruses or malware
b) Music could be pirated and get you into legal trouble.
c) It is not ethical to use music without the artists getting credit/payment
d) All of these.

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