Hamlet Question Preview (ID: 30762)

Vocab.[print questions]

strenuous efforts toward a goal
a) stivings
b) failing
c) completing
d) achieving

refined sensibility in feelings conduct
a) fear
b) bucolic
c) delicacy
d) missionary

full of sorrow, very sad
a) morning
b) mournful
c) death
d) life

help toward reaching a goal
a) plaid
b) button
c) weary
d) avail

archaic or poetic
a) cheerful
b) till
c) angry
d) terrible

lacking strength
a) piontless
b) dumb
c) shameful
d) weary

carefree and joyous
a) careless
b) joyfull
c) rollicking
d) lickingroll

acting with the insulting attitude
a) mayhap
b) peremptorily
c) forgive
d) let go

a) mayhap
b) weary
c) revelation
d) wee

strange; queer; odd
a) confused
b) oddball
c) peculiar
d) hamlet

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