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What is meant by compose the nose?
a) Zoom in on the nose
b) Allow breathing room between the end of nose and frame
c) Place nose on the edge of frame
d) Always place camera at nose level

In shooting an extreme close up, what is a good rule of thumb?
a) Don't chop the forehead
b) Allow breathing room
c) Stay out of my bubble
d) Don't chop the chin

According to the Rule of Thirds the eyes should go on the top line of the tic-tac-toe board
a) True
b) True

A guideline that proposes an image should be imagined as divided into 9 equal parts and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections
a) Rule Thirds
b) Cutaways
c) Design Concepts
d) Proximity

Which of the following tools in Adobe Premier Pro allow you to splice or cut a video
a) Selection Tool
b) I-Beam Tool
c) Pen Tool
d) Razor Tool

A shooting technique in which you swing the camera left to right or right to left is a called ______________.
a) Truck
b) Pan
c) Tilt
d) Dolly

A shot that is taken while you are moving in front or behind the subject
a) Truck
b) Tilt
c) Dolly
d) Pan

What color is best to utilize when using a Chroma Key shot?
a) Red
b) Fuchsia
c) White
d) Green

When you want to create the illusion of being somewhere you are not, it is called ____________.
a) Speed change
b) Reverse
c) Chroma Key
d) Title

What are the four basic editing principles?
a) Context, Ethics, Continuity, Complexity
b) Context, Ethics, Complexity, Continual Movement
c) Context, Ethics, Complexity, Consistency
d) None of these

The goal in the process of video editing is to
a) To add special effects
b) To use multiple transitions
c) To ensure the audio can be heard
d) To ensure every scene has a seamless flow

An abrupt transition from one shot to another
a) Close-up
b) Freeze-Frame
c) Cut
d) Disolve

An overlapping transition between scenes where one image fades out as another fades in
a) Dissolve
b) Cut
c) Freeze-Frame
d) Close-up

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