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In Web Design which color scheme portrays a professional image for a corporation?
a) All colors should be the same
b) All colors should be similar
c) Professional pages should only use Grey Scale
d) There should be contrast between background and text

Which of the following is not a positive work ethic?
a) Attitude
b) Organizational Skills
c) Productivity
d) Procrastination

What type of connection has become the standard for connecting peripheral devices?
a) Serial Connectors
b) Network Interface Connectors
c) USB Connectors
d) Parallel Connectors

Which of the following describes the 4 functions of an Operating System?
a) Adds Graphics, Manage Files, Adds Visibility
b) Stabilizes Computer, Improves Computer Functions, Manages Applications
c) Provides a User Interface, Adds Graphics, Manage Files, Manage Applications
d) Provides a User Interface, Manage Files, Manage Hardware, Manage Applications

Advantages of cloud computing include all of the following except:
a) Less Maintenance
b) Files are more secure
c) Access to files from almost anywhere
d) Lower upfront costs

Which of the following are recommended as data security for companies?
a) Anti-virus programs
b) Data Backup
c) Firewalls
d) All of these

For business emails - which of the following are best?
a) Short and concise
b) Use text acronyms for easy reading
c) Use all caps to show it is important
d) Should be at least 4 paragraphs.

If you want to work in the IT field 2 years after graduating from high school, which would be most likely?
a) Trade School / Technical College
b) 60 Hours of Continuing Education
c) Community College

Which of the following characteristics do not show positive work ethics in the workforce?
a) Popularity
b) Teamwork
c) Attendance
d) Productivity

Which of the following industries are growing the fastest?
a) Education
b) Computer Science
c) Military
d) Manufacturing

Which of the following would not be on most Job Applications?
a) Contact Information
b) Work History
c) Education
d) Credit Score

How can you improve your punctuality at work?
a) Denying you arrive late regularly.
b) Read the newspaper each morning.
c) Planning ahead.
d) Check email from home and count that as being at work.

A Bachelor's Degree in IT is usually obtained at a
a) Trade School
b) Four Year University
c) Community College
d) Online Certification Program

Which of the following is not a time management tool?
a) Time management software
b) Planners/calendar
c) Social Media
d) To do list

How has IT (Information Technology) influenced business models?
a) Mobile technology is more important because customers have better access.
b) Web 2.0 creates static web pages, which consumers want.
c) Mobile technology is too complex so business are going back to the basics.
d) Corporations are relying less on social media to communicate with target markets.

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