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A soccer ball is lying still in the grass. Which of the following observations is correct?
a) It's velocity is positive
b) It is not affected by gravity
c) The acceleration is negative
d) The forces acting on it are balanced

Roberto wants his toy car to go down a ramp more slowly. How can he slow down the car?
a) He can increase the incline of the ramp
b) He can make the surface of the ramp smoother
c) He can add weight to the car
d) He can lubricate the wheels of the car

Which of the following best describes how magnetism works?
a) Moving electrons generate charged forces
b) Elternating current completes a circuit
c) Sudden shifts in mass create motion
d) Electrons flow through a copper wire

Mrs. Sheopard's fifth grade science class is learning how to calculate the acceleration of an object moving in a straight line. Which of the following dependent variables must be considered?
a) the object's size and color
b) the object's inertia and mass
c) the object's starting speed, ending speed, and time in motion
d) the object's ending speed, speed when traveling, and distance traveled

Which forces tend to slow an object in motion?
a) friction and drag
b) drag and momentum
c) momentum and gravity
d) gravity and acceleration

Which best describes two forces that act on an object in such a way that the object's motion is changed?
a) balanced force
b) unbalanced force
c) action forces
d) reaction forces

Which best describes how mass affects the way a baseball and a bowling ball move?
a) The bowling ball has greater mass, so it encounters less friction.
b) The bowling ball has greater mass, so it requires greater force to overcome inertia
c) The baseball has less mass, which gives it less momentum
d) The baseball is struck bu an object of greater mass, which gives it greater acceleration

What happens to an object in motion that is acted on by unbalanced forces?
a) it stops moving
b) it accelerates
c) it changes direction
d) it gets hot

Which measurement involves both speed and direction?
a) velocity
b) acceleration
c) momentum
d) inertia

Which of the following best describes accelerataion?
a) Acceleration can be red and green
b) Acceleration referes to an increase in speed over time
c) Acceleration includes a measure of direction
d) Acceleration measures the rate of change of velocity

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