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Which experiences can help develop career skills?
a) Attending a basketball game
b) Extra-curricular/volunteer activities
c) Going to church
d) Having a relationship

Which is an example of an ultimate goal in the career domain?
a) Complete high school
b) Obtain an associate’s degree
c) Obtain a bachelor’s degree
d) Work as a CEO for a manufacturing business

A career consultation is:
a) A discussion for seeking career advice.
b) A job-site visitation.
c) The same as job-shadowing.
d) Only useful if conducted at the work-site.

I want to get married is a goal in which domain?
a) Career
b) Educational
c) Personal
d) Time

Planning to work as a salesperson before becoming a retail store manager is a:
a) Lifestyle.
b) Long-term goal.
c) Medium-term goal.
d) Stepping-stone goal.

The final result that needs to be arrived at in the process of career planning is called the:
a) Short-term goal.
b) Medium-term goal.
c) Long-term goal.
d) Ultimate goal.

If an ultimate goal is to become a physical therapist, a career plan should include:
a) Completing an apprenticeship.
b) Getting a Master’s degree.
c) Going into the military.
d) Going to a community college.

A course of action toward achieving career and educational goals is a:
a) Resume.
b) Career plan.
c) Transcript.
d) Learning plan.

An outline of what a person wants to achieve in their work life is called a:
a) Career pathway.
b) Career plan.
c) Career decision.
d) Career cluster.

A person gathering information on how many jobs will be available in a certain field in the future is researching the:
a) Work environment.
b) Career outlook.
c) Benefits.
d) Education and training.

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