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Flow of blood from the heart to the lungs and back is called
a) Pulmonary Circulation
b) Systemic Circulation
c) Coronary Circulation

The lower chambers of the heart are called
a) Ventricles
b) Atriums
c) Valves
d) Veins

Chemical that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood is called
a) Hemoglobin
b) Plasma
c) Platelets
d) White Blood Cells

Which of the following DOES NOT describe a direct function of the Circulatory System.
a) Helps with nerve function
b) Transports hormones
c) Distributes body heat
d) Transports oxygen and carbon dioxide

Oxygen we breathe in passes into our blood through our _____________________.
a) Capillaries
b) Veins
c) Arteries
d) Intestines

Why is one half of the heart in a typical diagram blue and the other half is red?
a) To represent the presence of oxygen
b) To make it easier to see the two halves
c) Because that is the color of those chambers

Which part of blood is responsible for carrying all of the parts of blood?
a) Plasma
b) Platelets
c) Red Blood Cells
d) White Blood Cells

Which part of your blood keeps you from bleeding to death every time you get a cut?
a) Platelets
b) Plasma
c) Red Blood Cells
d) White Blood Cells

Which part of your blood fights infections?
a) White Blood Cells
b) Red Blood Cells
c) Plasma
d) Platelets

Which part of blood is responsible for its bright red color and its ability to carry stuff?
a) Red Blood Cells
b) White Blood Cells
c) Plasma
d) Platelets

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