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Which of these is NOT an untouchable category?
a) Special workers
b) Specialized workers
c) Adaptable workers
d) Skilled workers

Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and Barbra Streisand are examples of __________________ workers.
a) Special
b) Specialized
c) Adaptable
d) Skilled

A brain surgeon with unique skills is a:
a) special worker
b) specialized worker
c) adaptable worker
d) skilled worker

Which is the most common type of untouchable worker in America
a) Specialized
b) Adaptable
c) Skilled
d) Anchored

An adaptable worker is a worker:
a) whose job must be done in various locations
b) who acquires new skills to increase his/her value
c) who receives two or more college degrees
d) who changes careers based on the job market

Work that can easily be digitalized and transferred to lower wage locations is called unfungible
a) true
b) false

America has stricter hiring and firing laws than most other countries
a) true
b) false

According to Friedman, adaptable workers must:
a) learn how to learn
b) help themselves first
c) learn how to work with the people around them
d) change careers

Who is the ugliest out of the following?
a) Justin beiber
b) Taylor swift
c) Harry Styles

Who would you want to be president?
a) Kanye west
b) Donald trump
c) Drake

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