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In which compromise was the Southwest region of the United States given the choice to be slave states or free states?
a) Missouri Compromise of 1820
b) Compromise of 1850
c) Kansas-Nebraska Act
d) Embargo Act

Many Southerners believed that -
a) Congress had to consent to a state leaving the Union.
b) Secession was a treasonous act.
c) The United States could not be separated.
d) States could freely enter or leave the United States.

Which state became a free state under the provisions of the Compromise of 1850?
a) Kansas
b) Missouri
c) California
d) Texas

What compromise allowed people decide the slavery issue for themselves through popular sovereignty?
a) Kansas-Nebraska Act
b) Missouri Compromise
c) Embargo Act
d) Dred Scott Decision

Secession of the Southern states began after which of the following happened?
a) Repeal of the Monroe Doctrine
b) Election of Abraham Lincoln as president
c) Abolition of slavery
d) Attack on Fort Sumter

To keep the same number of slave and free states, the government passed the -
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Fugitive slave law
c) Kansas-Nebraska Act
d) Missouri Compromise

When the Civil War began, president Lincoln's goal was to -
a) Have the North and South remain as one nation.
b) Keep the North and South separated.
c) Change the South into a manufacturing center for the country.
d) Increase training for soldiers.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was important to the issue of slavery because it allowed -
a) for manifest destiny.
b) slaves to vote.
c) resettling of former slaves in Africa.
d) people to decide the slavery issue for themselves (popular sovereignty).

What event led South Carolina to secede from the Union?
a) Robert E. Lee becoming a Confederate general.
b) Abolition of slavery in Maryland.
c) Election of Abraham Lincoln.
d) Attack on Fort Sumter.

The Missouri Compromise allowed -
a) for free soil, free speech, and free men.
b) Missouri to be a slave state and Maine to be a free state.
c) Slaves to remain the property of their owners in free states.
d) States formed from the Louisiana Territory to choose to be slave states or free states.

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