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The Three-fifths compromise...
a) outlawed slavery
b) counted 5 slaves as three free people
c) said you could only hold 3 slaves
d) said you could only hold 5 slaves.

This plan separated the government in to 3 parts and said population should determine states' representation.
a) Virginia Plan
b) New Jersey Plan
c) Pennsylvania Plan
d) Washington Plan

This was written by Thomas Paine attacking King George and called for a Revolution to make the colonies independent.
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Common Sense
d) Constitution

The Articles of Confederation are
a) Parliaments rules for America
b) the first government after the Revolutionary War
c) a list of complaints about the King
d) the laws that outlaw slavery.

The Preamble is...
a) the beginning of the Constitution that list the goals of the country.
b) The part of the Constitution that explains the peoples' rights.
c) a list of complaints about the King.
d) part of the Declaration of Independence.

The Northwest Ordinance
a) gave small states equal representation
b) gave women the right to vote
c) gave the King more power
d) explained how a territory could become a state and made slavery against the law.

In the New Jersey Plan
a) votes were determined by population
b) slavery was outlawed
c) women had the right to vote
d) each state had 1 vote

a) supported the Declaration of Independence
b) supported the New Constitution
c) supported a weak central government
d) were loyal to England

What does ratify mean?
a) The constitution had to be accepted by at least 9 states.
b) The laws had to be approved by all the citizens
c) Parliment had to agree with the states.
d) The King had to approve the Constitution

The amendments to the Constitution are known as the...
a) Bill of Rights
b) Preamble
c) Declaration
d) Common Sense

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