USI.9a Issues That Divide The Nation Question Preview (ID: 30742)

Civil War Causes.[print questions]

Which of these was an economic issue that divided the North and South?
a) The North wanted to buy more products from Europe.
b) The South wanted the North to start planting cotton.
c) People in the South wanted tariffs so cotton would cost more.
d) People in the North wanted tariffs to protect factory owners and workers from foreign competition.

Which of the following describes Southern society?
a) Shipbuilding
b) Mining
c) Agricultural
d) Manufacturing

Disagreements over slavery, the power of the federal government, and states' rights are examples of what?
a) Compromises to resolve differences.
b) Issues that divided the nation.
c) Issues of slavery.
d) Missouri Compromise.

All were causes of the Civil War except -
a) Desire for more land.
b) Different attitudes about slavery.
c) Conflicts about states' rights.
d) Conflicts about tariffs.

By the 1850's, factories were becoming more important in which part of the country?
a) Southern
b) Middle
c) Northern
d) Western

One of the disagreements that divided the nation prior to the Civil War involved the idea of -
a) Equality for all women.
b) Canadian immigrants.
c) States' rights.
d) Federal income tax.

Which area of the United States was mostly agricultural before the Civil War?
a) North
b) South
c) Mid-Atlantic
d) New England

Some people in the South opposed tariffs because -
a) Tariffs were not permitted by the Constitution.
b) They thought tariffs would discourage immigration.
c) Mexico threatened to declare war if a tariff was passed.
d) They feared English merchants would not buy cotton with a tariff

Which are of the United States supported a strong central government?
a) North
b) South
c) Canada
d) Western Territories

Which of the following regions was highly dependent upon slavery for its economy?
a) Western
b) Southern
c) Northern
d) Eastern

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